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2016 Hokkaido Trip Day 9 (10 Sep)

2016 Hokkaido Trip Day 9 (10 Sep)
Sapporo 札幌
Hokkaido Shrine

The good thing about being in the city is that there are more options for wet weather contingency plans such as shopping and museums.  Weather forecast for today is scattered showers so we took a train to higashi kiyakusho mae and walked to the market hoping to get some good quality Hokkaido dried scallops (conpoy). To our disappointment, the prices are not that much cheaper than in Singapore (Hock Hua and ZTP). In fact, I found the place touristy because the shop owners who recognised us as tourists rightaway tried pushing us their conpoy.  I find the ones sold in Singapore larger and the fact that you can haggle didn't appeal to me so we didn't buy anything except 2 slices of cut melons to eat there.

We then visited Hokkaido Shrine and chanced upon some really cute Japanese kids partaking in some kind of ceremony.

Lunch was at Kani Honke カニ本家 opposite JR Sapporo station. The crabs are very fresh and succulent though a little expensive. Worth trying are the lunch sets as they are much cheaper than dinner. I think we over-ordered so we were really stuffed! We could have ordered just one set to share since we added on ala carte dishes.

Cute ink stamp!

Poor crab doesn't know it is going to get eaten soon

Then it's crazy shopping again and dinner at La Maison which I suspect is a branch of the one we went to in Yokohama. The pasta and fruit tart are so pretty and delicious. I personally prefer European food in Japan (than in Europe) because they are so much more delicious, portions are Asian-sized and prices are very reasonable. Of cos you get really good Italian food in nice restaurants in Italy but the prices are much higher. My yummy pasta was only about SG$15 which is so cheap. Their Halloween pumpkin tart is so creatively presented too.

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