Sunday, 25 September 2016

2016 Hokkaido Trip Day 3 (4 Sep):

Panorama Road
Patchwork Road
Accommodation: La Vista Daisetsuzan

Mild Seven
After checking out of Oyado Ichirin (and the owners waved us goodbye until we were out of sight), we drove along Panorama Road and Patchwork Road and did some tree-hunting. The map-codes on the map we got at Oyado Ichirin were really useful for this.

Sadly, the "child" tree seems to be balding

The "child' tree which is supposed to be in the middle is hardly visible and other smaller trees seem to have grown on the left.

Seven Stars Tree

There's a little shop beside Seven Stars Tree selling light snacks (but no toilet)

Ken and Mary Tree
One hour drive away is Asahidake 旭岳 our first stop for exploring the Daisetsuzan 大雪山 region. As visibility was not good, we decided not to go up the rope way and just chill in the hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan and go to the onsen public bath. The onsen is not bad though nothing fantastic. The dinner is a choice of either teppanyaki or nabe. I was expecting teppanyaki seated at a counter with a chef but no, it's more like cook on your own yakiniku. Breakfast is Viking style.

This European style hotel is about 500 m from the rope way station. A more convenient hotel will be the Bearmont which is right beside the rope way station. Asahidake Sanso 旭岳山荘 looks decent too.

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