Sunday, 25 September 2016

2016 Hokkaido Trip Day 2 (3 Sep):

Furano 富良野 and Biei 美瑛
Kanno Farm かんのファーム
Furanoya curry 富良野屋カレー (Furanoya karee)
Tomita Melon House とみたメロンハウス

We visited Kanno Farm かんのファーム which is a small hill of beautiful coloured flowers quite near our pension. This place is a lot less touristy than Farm Tomita and the slope made photos much nicer.

As Aoike was not accessible, the lady owner recommended us another blue pond which was not bad. It's not as surreal as Aoike but well, it was along the way to the Furanoya Curry so why not stop by? =)

For lunch, we had soup curry in Furano which the lady owner of Oyado Ichirin recommended. The shop is called Furanoya curry 富良野屋カレー (Furanoya karee). We ordered the soft chicken leg with bone 柔らかく骨付けチッキン (yawarakaku hone tsuke chikkin) spicyness level 3 (for me) and 5 (for Chris). The soup curry is similar in taste to Japanese curry but more watery and was packed with vegetables such as cabbage, pumpkin, eggplant, capsicum, potatoes and a whole super tender chicken leg (with bone). It was super delicious! For for spicyness, my level 3 was not spicy at all and Chris' was very very mild. Ok, I should mention that I'm the type who eats chili padi haha

After lunch, we dropped by Tomita Melon House とみたメロンハウス for dessert. It's a great place to get cut melon and melon pastries like melon bun, melon tart, melon everything. We could have visited this place on Day 1 as it is right beside Farm Tomita but we completely forgot! Look for the melon balloon to get to this place.

Tomita Melon House (beside Farm Tomita)

Sunflowers still in bloom here

Cut melon ¥300

Melon puff

Melon tart

We ordered 2 melons (¥4860 for two 2 kg melons in a single box + ¥700 for delivery) to be delivered to our last hotel on the last day to hand carry back to Singapore so they gave us this useful note.
We ended the day with Shikisai no Oka 四季の丘, a lovely terrain with a colourful blanket of seasonal blooms. There is also an alpaca farm which is open from June - December. The entrance fee is ¥500 and you can buy a small basket of cabbage feed for ¥100. You will be told to hide the basket when feeding the alpaca or they'll try to snatch it from you. Be careful of their saliva as they may spit at you.

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