Friday, 30 September 2016

2016 Hokkaido Trip Day 10 (11 Sep)

Sapporo 札幌

This is our last day in Sapporo before going back to reality tomorrow... We were torn between making a trip to Noboribetsu onsen 登別温泉 to do the walking path leading to Oyunuma footbath お湯沼足湯 or the Sapporo Beer Museum 札幌ビール博物館 (Sapporo Biiru Hakubutsukan). We decided to just take it easy and go to the beer museum and were so glad we did because we chanced upon the most amazing supermarket beside the museum!! The beer museum tour was so-so for us cos we are not fans of beer. We bought one glass to try and nope, we still don't like it haha we definitely enjoyed the supermarket much much more than the beer museum hahaha!  It's at a building called Ario and has a good variety of fruits at very reasonable prices! 

Check out their variety of limited edition Haagen Daz flavours!

Lockers that are mini refrigerators! Gasp!

Dry ice dispenser. Not just ice.
Strollers that are just too kawaii
I got these kawaii rice molds
We also found the Evita rose facial wash from Kanebo (which was sold out in every shop we went to near Sapporo station!) and grabbed enough bottles for my girlfriends and female family members that we got tax rebates! The salesgirl kindly allowed us to deposit it at the counter to be retrieved after the beer museum tour.

On the way there from the train station, we met an old man walking his little bunny. How cute! She really reminded us of our late Inkie girl =')

Back at JR Sapporo station, we had lunch at Sapporo Ramen Kingdom 札幌らーめん巨倭国 (Sapporo Raamen Kyowakoku) which I find rather touristy too and the ramen was so-so. It's shopping again at Disney Store! I also customized a Tsum Tsum tee-shirt for myself and Pom Pom Purin tee-shirts for my nieces at My Uniqlo.

More shopping at Disney Store Sapporo

Dinner was at Kushidori 串鳥 near the station. Prices are reasonable but I think it's one of those chain places so the variety and taste is OK but not fantastic.

The melons we ordered arrived!

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