Monday, 30 May 2011

Teriyaki Chicken

Here's a simple teriyaki chicken with home-made sauce. i always have sake, mirin and soy sauce (shoyu) in my fridge so i just make my own sauces.

Teriyaki chicken (1 piece of thigh)

Ingredients (for 4 people)
Sauce - 3:3:3:2 tbsp of soy sauce:sake:sugar:mirin (reduce sugar if you find it too sweet)
Boneless chicken thigh 2 pieces (for healthier version, remove skin). Cut each piece in half.
sesame seeds
oil for frying

you need a pan with a cover

Bring sauce to boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Simmer for 10 - 15 mins. Leave to cool.
Marinate chicken with sauce for at least 30 mins in the fridge (singapore's weather is way too hot to leave it out in the open)

Heat a non-stick pan on medium flame and oil it a little. place chicken (skin side down is with skin) n brown for a few seconds then pour in remaining sauce from the marinate n cover, simmer for 3 mins. Turn chicken over, cover n simmer for another 3 mins.

Remove chicken from pan, cut into pieces and drizzle with sauce from pan. sprinkle with sesame seeds. Serve with rice.

You may keep any unused sauce in the fridge for a week (if u cook only 1 thigh like me, you can use the sauce for two servings). The sauce will thicken but that's ok. I used the remaining sauce for chicken wings and threw in some shimeji mushrooms. it worked well too =)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Daughters vs Sons

Me: hi dear, where shall we eat for your mum's birthday?
Chris: anything...
Me: I got her something from Clarins
Chris: ok

Me: fathers' day is coming. Let's get your dad an iPod!
Chris: he won't know how to use one. r u going to provide the tech support as well?

Me: how about buy him a Christian CD? *walks into CD shop*
Chris: let's go... All these can buy from iTunes what

Me: i know I know! Buy him the LKY book!
Chris: er... Can you buy it? I'm not doing it

Me: How about go fly kite n have picnic? W your dad n mum n grandma
Chris: >.<|||

Me: oh oh! Let's bring your parents to USS!
Chris: so that I won't have any regrets?


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Women & Shopping

The excuses we make

Hubby: Wa! You bought so many things!!
Wife: Check out my free toaster oven and free vouchers!

Hubby: you went to Taka sale again??
Wife: I saved $100!! Got discounts!
Hubby: (if u don't buy u save even more)

Hubby: this dress looks new...
Wife: is it?? Hm... I wore before but u never see la

Hubby: why do u need another pot?? U have so many!!
Wife: but this one is different! It's a thermal pot so save gas n electricity!!

Hubby: u have many cups u still buy!!
Wife: but this is for Chinese tea... Different!

Hubby: do you really need that many skincare products?
Wife: ah ya, if top up to a certain amount I get all these free gifts!! V worth! And I got this for your mum for her birthday!!

Hubby: no more space Liao u still buy new shoes!!!
Wife: but v good discount v worth!!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Marina Barrage

The first time we arranged to go to Marina Barrage to fly kite, my niece kirstyn was down with fever so we postponed it... to today

So I prepared Japanese chicken curry (for my bro, my SIL and I. Chris thinks we're crazy and refused to go) in one thermal pot, rice in another, honey dew n Haagen Daz ice cream in a third thermal pot, apple juice and picnic mats (two plastic, one fabric).

charged my olympus pen, checked the 20mm pancake and 7-14mm UW... drove to Sengkang to buy two winnie the pooh kites...

while waiting for my brother to come and fetch me, i was smiling to myself saying 万事俱备,只欠东风... of cos, to me, the 东风 was my nieces =DD i imagined the wind kissing their cheeks and them running around happily and us taking pictures with the MBS and singapore flyer as the backdrop against a deep blue sky... music was playing in my head... i was feeling =DDD

my brother came at around 5:30pm and we happily made our way there 今天天气好晴朗,处处好风光!!

but when we approached, we saw a LONG LONG line of cars

me: wa! everyone has the same great idea!

then we turned into the carpark and i DIDN'T SEE ANY KITES...

me: something's not right... usually this WHOLE sky is dotted with kites!

turns out that it was the Nike goddess 5K run!!! and only the canopy is open to public. but as we approached, it was so crowded!!! imagine chinatown during chinese new year >.< and we couldn't get to the stairs to go up to the roof ='(((((((( i was REALLY PISSED

me: i wish all the runners will put on 10kg!!!!!! *breathe out fire*

we were contemplating whether to leave or wait it out and decide to wait it out. by the time we managed to go in, it was 7+ and we only had about half an hour of sunlight. the whole roof was crowded with women in orange tee shirts, loud music, tentages and deejays (got that utt). haiz.... sians... so crowded

when my brother saw my piping hot curry (because it was in the thermal pot), he was speechless...

kor: wa, see beh kua zhang! haha

my brother tried to show that he can fly a kite and i forgot to tell him that the spool i bought had one loose end so he fly fly fly zhioop! the string came off and the kite flew off! hahaha then about 15 mins later, someone else caught hold of the string and started flying OUR kite! like that also can?!?!?! i saw that the guy was with his young daughter and she was quite excited to "find" a winnie the pooh kite so i didn't have the heart to get it back from him haha

it was dark and i only had my olympus so these were the only decent shots i took -.-

i am thankful that we still had a great time and i felt happy that my nieces enjoyed themselves despite the initial hiccup =) we will definitely go back! nothing will stop me! i want to take pictures of my nieces!! ROAR!