Sunday, 31 October 2010

Men and Fruits

Every weekend, Ah ma will buy one papaya for her ah boy aka chris and of cos I will have to cut it for him.

i rmb a friend once told me that her mother-in-law instructed her to "cut fruits for her husband to eat" and she told us, "why must i cut for him?? why can't he cut them himself???"

the truth is, for some funny reason, some men won't eat fruits if no one cuts for them. For chris, even if I've bought apples or grapes, he won't take them from the fridge to eat. i have to take them, wash them and present them to him then he will eat. the only things he will consume from the fridge on his own are drinks.


Saturday, 30 October 2010

Guava with Mandarin Peel

Usually people eat guava with sour plum powder but you gotta try this! my mother-in-law intro it to me.

Peel, de-seed and cut guava into pieces
chop up some mandarin peel
toss them together

wa! very nice!

Friday, 29 October 2010

My Nieces


My nieces came to our place for dinner. Just a video of them fooling around =)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hahaha So Funny

These pictures are really funny... you may have seen them before though haha

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Common Language

My department colleagues and I are interested to go for high tea. JT recommended Goodwood Park's English high tea which I like too. They're having a promotion now: For every 3, 1 eats for free.

Intercontinental's The Lounge is also having a promotion with Citibank credit card: 1-for-1

goodwood's high tea is buffet whereas intercon's is the 3-tier type. so, the best way to decide is:

Let n be the number of people.

If n = 0(mod 4), go to Goodwood.
If n not = 0(mod 4) but n = 0(mod 2), go to Intercon 

[Actually it's not =, it's equivalent sign... the 3 strokes one]

0(mod 4) means the remainder when divided by 4 is 0 i.e. multiple of 4
0(mod 2) means the remainder when divided by 2 is 0 i.e. even

In English, it means "if even go intercon unless multiple of 4 in which case we go goodwood"


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Monday, 25 October 2010


chris has unbeatable self-confidence -.-|||

remember this gatsby ad??

so anw, lately my bento buddy JT, bad influence buddy CC and i have been crazy over a korean drama starring this very good-looking korean hunk (golly... how can anyone look so perfect??)

me: eh dear, next time you use this brand's facial cleanser neh...
chris: why?
me: then you will look good like him...
chris: but why will you want me to look less hamsom??
me: -___________________-|||

should recommend my SIL buy for my brother too... CC has made her fiance use gatsby and JT has made her fiance cut his hair at a salon with a poster of the above korean hunk...

we're all delusional LOL

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Horrible Haze

recently the pee sai index (PSI) has been quite high. now the PSI is on TV even. but thanks to the rain, it's become better. here's a song by Mr Brown about the haze... it's hilarious LOL

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dangerous Daiso

Golly... do you guys feel the same way? i find shopping at Daiso and IKEA very "dangerous". cos you go there thinking the things are cheap and you stroll up and down the lanes and go...

"hm... this is cute..."
"wa, this is useful!"
"ooh... interesting..."
"wa, so cheap!"

then you take take take take and upon check-out get a heart attack when you see the total cost. and it doesn't help that when you eat at IKEA, you're "forced" to walk through the store to get out. temptation is everywhere!

it has happened all too often at Daiso... i go there to buy ONE thing then walk here walk there look look see see then take take take take and at check-out, the aunty goes, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ..., 20" -.-|||

here are some ways to avoid unnecessary buying:
1. don't eat at IKEA
2. eat at IKEA with a friend/colleague/friend who is a colleague and concentrate on chit-chatting on the way out. get him/her to stop you if you get distracted
3. When at Daiso, DON'T use the basket so you won't take too many things
4. Go to Daiso when you're in a rush so you just cheong in to buy that one thing and cheong out. no time to look see look see = no temptation

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Stressed Claire

sighz... we noticed some white flakes on Claire's fur and brought her to the vet. Vet says she has dandruff and the cause may be stress, possibly inflicted by her living partner -.- we wonder who... *>.> at west*

West does bully her sometimes. She is very poor thing one. He insists on hoarding the fan and eating first. So she only gets to eat his leftovers and enjoy a bit of the fan when he is eating. He doesn't like her to use his toilet -.- and sometimes when he gets angry, he'd bite her backside =(

but most of the time, they're actually quite cordial and get along quite well... when West is in a good mood. Sibling rivalry in pets -.-

Friday, 15 October 2010

Stewed Ee Fu Noodles (Lazy Version)

This is an easy bento to prepare =) and you can add anything you like or anything that's in your fridge. It's quite free and easy one. Basically you can cook it like instant noodles but not so soupy that's all.

Suggested Ingredients:
Veggies (cai xin/xiao bai cai)
Chicken/Prawns/Pork etc

2 tsp light soy sauce
1 tsp oyter sauce
2 tsp sesame oil
about 0.5 - 1 cup of water depending on whether you like yours dry or with gravy. Adjust moisture level to your liking.

marinate meat with 1 tsp soy sauce and 1 tsp sesame oil. boil water and throw in veggies and meat followed by noodle. keep poking noodles until it loosens. you may have to add more water if the noodles don't touch the water or you can remove the cooked ingredients and mix them back when noodles are done. once noodles have loosened, add oyster sauce, soy sauce, cover and let stew. noodles take a total of about 5 mins to cook. when done,  add sesame oil and stir around. of cos you can adjust it to your taste.

i packed the noodle and gravy (about 1/2 cup) separately when i brought this to work. before eating, pour the gravy over and microwave for 2 mins. wa, delicious! invent your own version. a colleague, HY, fries the noodles.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Heng Ah Indomie is Safe in Singapore =)

Golly, in Taiwan, this really tasty noodle has been found to contain chemicals used in cosmetics...

But heng ah, in Singapore, it's safe =) read more here, thanks to CY for the link =)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fried Fish Fillets

This very easy dish is from Nigella Lawson. I used sole fish. Cod will taste even nicer =) You can try with prawns too and make ebi fry but it's not easy to get the prawn to be straight. I will try it next time and share it if i do.

Japanese breadcrumbs are used

White fish fillets
Corn Flour
1 beaten egg
Japanese breadcrumbs
Salt and pepper
Tartare sauce or chilli sauce for dip
lemon wedge to squeeze over the cutlets (optional)
Oil for frying

Prepare your "assembly line" of flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

Cut fish into large pieces (about Fillet O Fish size or smaller, personal preference). Rinse and dry thoroughly using kitchen paper (this is to avoid having oil splats when frying). Sprinkle with pepper and salt on both sides.

dredge through corn flour, knock off excess, dredge through egg, and coat with breadcrumbs. it's easier to grab breadcrumbs from the side and pack them on the top then roll around on the sides. repeat for all pieces and place on a dry plate.

heat oil. test with bamboo chopsticks. when small bubbles appear on the sides of the chopsticks when the tips are placed in the oil, it's ready.

shallow fry the pieces on both sides until golden brown.

i kept some in the fridge and brought them to work the next day. popped them in the toaster oven and they came out nice and crisp =)

enjoy and drink herbal tea after that cos it's quite heaty =P

Keep any leftover breadcrumbs in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer.

Monday, 11 October 2010

A Living Mathmatician

Wow... this is sheer awesomeness... a famous Mathematician who is actually still ALIVE!!! Mandelbrot. i love his cauliflower example... that's just so cool...

Saturday, 9 October 2010


This guy is such a geek... all Math enthusiasts need to watch this!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Chris Learns to Wash Vegetables =)

oh yes, i ain't kidding. Chris doesn't quite cook haha

lately we introduced fresh veggies to west and claire and west loves kailan. we usually try to buy organic but yesterday we couldn't find any so we bought the ordinary ones...

chris version of washing veggies:
1. grab one bunch
2. turn on tap and rinse
3. flick dry

my version:
me: get a few bunches and pluck out the stalks
chris: why must pluck?
me: cos your son doesn't eat the thick stem
chris: -.-
me: use a vegetable colander, here, put veggies in and turn on tap. add a few drops of veggie soap
chris: er... why must use soap?
me: cos kailan usually has a layer of white stuff
chris: so ma fan
me: wat to do? your son likes to eat. wait a few minutes..

chris: =.=zzz
me: ok, can le...

chris: -.- *tries to grab veggies and drain them out of his fingers*
me: er dear, use the colander... that's what it's for... -.-
chris: -.-
me: need to rinse again and make sure all the soap has been washed away
chris: so ma fan
me: then put them into the salad spinner and spin dry
chris: *grumble grumble, punch punch punch, open the cover* so ma fan
me: dear! you have to press the black button to stop the spin first before you open the cover!!! if not the veggies may fly out!
chris: *grumble grumble*
me: ok, put them into a ziplock bag. can use for a few days.
chris: see bay ma fan

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mastercard Sucks - Big Time

Mastercard REALLY sucks -.-

I tried booking movie tickets using my mastercard twice in a row and it didn't work. Made me super fed-up... cos you know that if your booking is unsuccessful, your seat is blocked right? then you have to wait 15 mins to re-do it. and i did it TWICE!

me: GRRRRRAAAHHHHH!!!!! mastercard is super sucky la!!!! *fling it out... card pong! hit glass door and ricochet onto the floor*
chris: >.> dear, you're very bad-tempered... -.-
me: it's not that i'm bad-tempered... it's that Mastercard SUCKS!!!

call the bank... tru tru tru... key in this number that number and wait damn long...

operator: good evening mdm, how may i help you ^^
me: *fuming* i tried using my card to book movie tickets and it didn't work... grrr...
operator: mdm, can i do some verifications with you?
me: *answer this question that question, super angry liao*
operator: thank you mdm. let me check. it says no records.
me: of cos no record -.- cos it DIDN'T WORK!
operator: what was the message?
me: it told me to contact the bank...
operator: ok... let me see..
me: tell you what, just cancel the (i wanted to say "damned") card. it's the suckiest card i've ever used. And I can't even use it in Japan#! just tell me how much i owe and cancel the (i wanted to add "stupid") card.
operator: yes mdm... currently, your outstanding bill is *censored*
me: k, pls cancel it (i wanted to emphasize again that it sucks but i control)
operator: yes, i will proceed with your request. an officer will call you shortly.
me: k thanks...
me: i cancelled that stupid card
chris: you are very bad tempered.

i'm so gonna enjoy cutting my card into shreds...

#starting from 2010, Japan doesn't accept mastercards anymore... so they must BE REALLY SUCKY! 

Saturday, 2 October 2010


ok, this is going to be a disgusting (but quite funny) post so don't eat while reading ya? haha...

i had a disgusting dream last night >.< dreamt that i went to the toilet in my office and the W.C. had faecal deposits =P the toilet paper was also stained and walls smeared with faecal deposits... yuck la!

talking about faecal deposits... my friend once told me a story about her colleague's father (who is also a colleague. father and daighter in the same company). well, the guys in the office had been very disgusted by a certain staff who always leaves his business behind every time he goes to the toilet. they were determined to "catch" the culprit but never really succeeded...

then the organisation went for some retreat and a poor chap shared a room with the culprit. turns out it's my friend's colleague's father. soon, news spread to the whole staff and they all knew who it was. of cos, my friend's colleague heard about it too and she lamented that at home, her mother would dutifully go in after dad to flush the toilet for him... that is just gross... that's really pushing "wives, submit to your husbands".
some people have disgusting habits =PPP

Friday, 1 October 2010

Olay Total Effects Shower Cream

I was quite excited to try this shower cream when I bought it because of what it claims to do. It's supposed to be very nourishing for the skin with lots of anti-aging properties.

However, after the first try, I didn't like it. cos I felt that my body wasn't very clean, meaning I didn't get that squeaky clean feeling. the texture of the shower cream felt like avocado dip. It's very creamy and doesn't lather up at all. hm... after using it like once, i don't want to use it anymore =( cos i like feeling squeaky clean...

waste my money...