Monday, 30 August 2010

Healthy Teas - Part 2

Now here comes the young leaves of barley part... I was very tickled reading the write-up that came with it. I have typed it here word for word (including selling errors) to preserve the authentic of the language LOL:


Iron - 5 times more than spinach or liver
calcium - 11 times more than milk
pottasium - 55 times more than milk
food fibres - 58 tims more than sweet potato
choline - to strengthen liver. (also for medicine)
vitamin C - 60 times more than apple
vitamin B1 - 30 times more than milk
carotene (vitamin A) - 22 times more than pumpkin
protein - 15 times more than milk
mineral - 18 times more than spinach

Direction to eat

- please take 2-3 tea spoons (1 tea soon is approx. 2g), together, melt with water
- 2~3 times a day. best to supply vitamin, mineral, and SOD, pleas take 3 times a day. please control taking your young leaves of barley, as your body condition,

[if having problems such as hihg blood pressure, fats, born lack, atopic dermatitis,, etc please take 2~3 times more in a day.]

if having diabetes, high cholesterol, fats, dermatitis, please take as a drinking tea.

amount drink = proportion to potency

5g of young leaves of barley/per day = 60g~100g of fresh vegetables

(remarks) if you take more than 20 g a day, some person may seen diarrhoea.

please compare the powder from Japan and general powder (most are from china).

Please try to float both of powder. you will find the difference of melting.

From Fukui Prefecture. Organic Vegetable.

No preservative, sweetening, perfume and colouring.

please drink young leaves of barley as a maintaining health.

so this is how you make it. DISSOLVE the powder in some water than add more water. that's what i think "Please try to float both of powder. you will find the difference of melting." means LOL
DO NOT USE HOT WATER as it destroys some of the nutrients. best enjoyed chilled. it's exactly like powdered green tea (matcha) except it's perfectly caffeine-free so tastes very refreshing without the bitterness that some may not like in matcha. i think this is much better than the veggie powders from Fancl because this is sugar-free. the fancl ones taste very sweet. this is perfectly natural =)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Healthy Teas - Part 1

I was very excited to see these at Meidiya and after trying one cup each bought one pack each. the one on the right, Rooibos (pronounced "roy-boss" according to the katakana) tea, cost $39 for 50 tetrahedral teabags and the one on the left, powdered young leaves of barley, cost $50 for 300g. My father-in-law introduced rooibos tea to me and shared w me it's health benefits which included anti-oxidant properties, high in SOD (super oxide dismutase), anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and CAFFEIENE-FREE!!! His rooibos tea is from The Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, where it originated. Mine are Japanese-grown. Read more detailed Benefits of Rooibos tea here. Apparently, that chao Scruffy, my in-laws' dog (my brother's ex-pet) bathes in rooibos tea -.- cos he has some skin problem and it seemed to alleviate the condition. i guess the phrase "It's a dog's life" has positive connotations if applied to scruffy... lucky dog!

According to the Japanese uncle selling the tea in a mixture of heavily-accented broken English and Japanese hahaha, you just steep one rooibos teabag into 2-3 litres of water (room temperature. DO NOT USE HOT WATER as it destroys some of the nutrients) for at least 10 mins, chill it and you can keep it in the fridge for 2-3 weeks, no problem. i keep for less than a week cos it's so delicious we drink it up quite fast =) i also leave the teabag in the jug, no problem. unlike regular teas, rooibos tea doesn't become "siap siap" even when it's over-infused. it remains as refreshing =) He also mentioned that it's perfectly safe for children and even infants... wow...

have a try! check back in tomorrow for my write-up on the other packet, young leaves of barley =)

Friday, 27 August 2010

Fruitful Friday =DDD

hehehe =D got this for free... won it in a lucky draw at a workshop =DDD

last week roy called me to "ask me out on a date at a hotel" -.- he meant attend a canon color management workshop at St Regis. I wasn't v interested but thought it may be relevant to my job and I was excited to see St Regis so i went...

however, the week went on and work was neverending i almost wanted to back out =P i wanted to tell roy i couldn't go because i have too much work to do =P but i felt bad "letting go of his aeroplane" so i mianqiangly went... i wore a nicer dress some more cos the venue "veh high crass" ma... hahaha

when i told some colleagues i am going to St Regis...

they: WA!!! take picture take picture!!
me: no la! so suaku!!!

and wah! it's really nice... the toilets are v nice. both times i was there, i wanted to take pictures but there were other people around so i couldn't...

the workshop was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ.... for me at least... roy was nodding in agreement with "hms" and "erms" like v interesting like that.. i was just thinking when is refreshment and wonder whether the food is nice.

well, refreshment was not bad... the cutleries are very nice and atas... i like.

then came the lucky draw at the end

me: is it 5DMkII???? =DDDDD
roy: >.>...

wait long long er... it's 3 prizes of a Canon pixma MP497 printer each worth $229

me: i hope i win i hope i win!!! *concentrate and will it to happen* and the winner is Ann KXX from YYY!!! =DDD

almost immediately, i heard... "and the first winner is... Ann KXX from YYY!!!" roy and i were both stunned... so were his friends in the row in front of us... i couldn't believe i was so spot-on hahaha

hahaha... so happy... although i still know nuts about colour management... it was a fruitful Friday cos i got to see St Regis, eat free food and won a printer!! hee =DDDD

Then i went to Taka to buy a gift for my colleague's ang ku kueh mold child... ah yo... so cute!!!! haha...

and oh... i have another place to go for FAB (Festival of Ann's Birthday) muahahahahaha!!!!!

A Cheerful Heart Is Good Medicine

Proverbs 17:22 says

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."

One of the qualities that attracted me to Chris is his sense of humour (intended or unintended). He says things that make me laugh... =D sometimes i half-suspect he intentionally makes himself ignorant to make me laugh =)

the other day i wanted to check out a lens and usually if i go a shop other than John 3:16 at Funan IT Mall, I will get chris to pretend to be the one buying cos i feel that people may quote me a higher price if they see me... hahaha...

me: dear, help me ask how much is the panasonic 7-14 f/4 and sound like you know your stuff k?
chris: for your 3/4 camera ah?
me: LOL it's called micro 4/3!!! hahaha
chris: *recite* panasonic 7-14 f... f what?
me: f4 hehehe


i was commenting on my colleague's new-born baby...

me: wa her baby is so cute! and he looks EXACTLY like her... ang ku kueh mold kind!
chris: you mean your colleague looks like an ang ku kueh??
me: LOLLLL no! i mean it's like they're from the same mold!


my dept colleagues also have a knack of making me laugh and laughing at ourselves together... that's one of the reasons why i love them and love being around them.

colleague: *walks past Saving Private Ryan poster* wow! I haven't watched this show...
me: hm...?
colleague: erm... cos when it was shown it was NC16 so I couldn't watch...
me: -.- right... thanks for telling me...

let's spread some cheer today to ease the tensions and stress that make us weary. smiles and cheerful attitudes, sense of humour also help to strengthen our relationships with those around us =)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Like Daughter Like Mother

i figured i better visit my mum soon before she can't recognise my face as well -.- and my busy mum finally made time for me *touched*

*both nuah on bed watching HK drama on channel 855*

mum: so end of year going where?
me: not confirmed yet...
mum: japan again??
me: donno...
mum: you always go japan not sian meh?
me: Japan is very big neh


mum: end of year i'm going Fujian
me: china again?
mum: ya
me: you always go China not sian meh?
mum: China is very big neh!

chris: -.- u r really your mother's daughter...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

爱 Sparks Interest in Use of IT Among Elderly

I won't be surprised if one day I see this in the papers -.- my mum somehow figured out a way to add the "I ask sky" ringtone -.- and recently chris shared the link for 爱 on his Facebook with the comment, "Lucky my grandma doesn't know how to use Internet ..."

my colleague: my mum keeps asking me to teach her how to watch 爱 on the internet! i refuse to teach her!!! otherwise she will have no life!

haha... i can just imagine how decadent ah ma will become if she can watch continuous episodes of 爱... she will probably just eat , 爱, poop, 爱, drink, 爱, pee, 爱, sleep, 爱 LOL and i can imagine how cute she will look sitting in front of a macbook... LOL

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ler See Di Diang??

in Teochew means "who are u??"

well, i have been so busy lately (working almost 12 hours everyday >.<) that I haven't really visited or called my mum. she also didn't call me -.- so that day i called her and asked, "Mi ah, bai sar ler wo oing bor? wa ker chueh ler" (r u free on wed? i go find you)

she replied, "Ler See Di Diang?"

*slap forehead* my heart instantly chui man... my own mother doesn't recognise my voice :'(

and i told her i wanted to visit her... she said she is not free need to go dono what temple... k... she doesn't miss me... *heart priang!*

sadz =/

Monday, 23 August 2010

Cool Sandwich Box

I was at Ringo Ya, a shop at Liang Court Level 3, that sells legit Sanrio stuff and couldn't resist getting this cool sandwich box.

You know how bread in a plastic bag or cling wrap gets crushed/put of shape. And if you put it in a box, you have to bring the bulky box home. Well, You can put your isosceles-triangle shaped sandwich in here. Fits regular-sized breads with crust off. I think with the crust, the bread won't fit.

When you've finish your sandwich, you can open it up to wash.

And fold it neatly to be placed into your handbag. Very cool design i'd say. the Japanese are really smart. My only complaint (so far) is that tiny crumps may drop out from the tiny holes at the edges. My bento buddy suggests wrapping the sandwich in cling wrap first before putting it in the box. good idea...

$10+ and I bought the last one =) (Designed in Japan, made in China)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

High Rollers

That's what they call "big fish" in casinos... people who spend obscene amounts of money.

Remember the guy who lost $26mil recently? he is a high roller. According to TNP, although he is married, he was reportedly with his "girlfriend" ok... now the wife knows =P

According to TNP as well, casinos spare no cost in making these high rollers feel special. Privileges include:

- private jet transport from their country of origin
- limousine transfer to casino hotel
- private passageways not accessible to public so they can come and go and not be noticed
- free flow of brandy, cuban cigars and birds' nests in gaming lounge
- personal butlers
- any food in any restaurant (or any part of Singapore) may be served to their rooms

cheapskate commoners like us will go, "WAAA!!!! free flow of food ah????" but high rollers are too busy gambling to bother about such things... ooohhh...

me: how come no chocolate? god of gamblers likes to eat chocolate...
chris: er dear, god of gamblers brings his own chocolate...

well, my idea of "high rollers" is what I gathered from the movies, particularly HK ones. the god of gamblers usually drapes a trenchcoat over his shoulders, makes his entrance slow-mo, likes to eat chocolate and twirls his ring before he performs a miracle such as rubbing the digit on the card to transform it into the one he desires... they play up to millions in one game and will push the heap of chips onto the table... and declare, "i follow!"

but real life high rollers don't have super powers i suppose... otherwise he won't lose until $26 millions... and you know what's the most absurd thing of all? he is seeking his attorney's advice as to whether he can sue the casino for negligence. right... you can't shit you blame the toilet... 拉不出屎怪茅坑。


Oh, TNP also reported that superstar Jay Chou lost $2 million at MBS... report here.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Abunai in Japanese means "dangerous"

wa, it was so scary driving yesterday morning. There was a downpour at about 7am and the visibility was soooo bad I couldn't see the buildings! I could only see the car in front of me. The streetlamps were not on and the sky was dark so it felt like driving in some third world country... I was seriously scared...

Chris just slept through it lor...

me: dear... i'm scared... i can't see...
chris: zzz... drive slowly lor... zzz...
me: i can't see the buildings!!!!
chris: then drive slowly!! zzz...
me: so dark so dark!!!
chris: *grumble grumble* zzz...

and it was worse when those big big lorries pass you by or get in front of you cos they will ppiiiissshhh!!! saplash water on your windshield...

super scary man...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Managing Stress

Lately i realised that my colleagues (especially the younger ones) are very stressed... some even have difficulty sleeping because they're thinking about work. hm... i'm a bit concerned because i'm worried that they may burn out...

here's how i usually manage my stress... this post also acts as a reminder to myself as lately i have been feeling really tired from work

Commit my plans to God
That's how I try to start my day. I pray and commit all my needs, things to do etc. to God. That's also how i will end my day, to commit what's bothering me (the next day's stuff) to God before I sleep so that I don't keep thinking about it. If i am exceptionally anxious because of something big, i will type it in my phone, save it and try not to think about it. Even when you're dead tired and feel that once your head hits the pillow you will konk off, you can still utter, "Dear Lord, I commit everything to you. May you be with me, Amen."

Health is important
No matter how busy we are, we must try to take care of our health. Eat right (healthy food and regular meals), sleep enough, drink water, exercise (just walking around or stretching is better than nothing). If i'm really busy and have no time to exercise, i just stretch...

Take time to smell the roses. One of my favourite songs is "This is my Father's world". You don't have to dive into the ocean or climb a mountain. Sometimes i just look up to the sky and admire the clouds or on my way home from work i admire the flowers along the path. Go catch that movie, watch some TV, play some computer games or i-phone games (such as when your colleague jio u LOL) or plan that holiday, get out of the country and slack at some resort even if it's Sentosa. book that facial or massage appointment.

Important vs. urgent list
When I have too many things to do, I'd write down a list and once I have completed the task, i'll strike it off. It feels really shiok!

Socialise and share
It's great if you have people who are going through the same thing as you and you can talk to them about it. It's your support system. It may be your colleagues, friends, ministry, church friends, pastor, boyfriend, girlfriend, family etc. A burden shared is a burden halved. I'm glad my department is relatively closely-knit and I feel safe sharing things about work that I struggle with (at least to some people). I have one colleague who is very cute... he likes to walk down other aisles to just check in on us and say ,"Hi" it's nice and refreshing =) people in your support group can also help remind you about deadlines.

Take it easy
Although we should try our very best in our work, sometimes we need to take it easy. Our work is NOT everything. our family, our health are more important. There comes a point when we have to tell ourselves we've tried our best, let go and let God do the rest. If you are really tired, go home and rest and try not to bring your work home. I know it's difficult but work is neverending. If you don't rest well, you won't perform well the next day too and the cycle repeats itself. Chris and I share the same philosophy of trying not to bring work home. Sometimes it's difficult but I try to keep it at a minimum.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Movie Review: Sweet Rain 死神の精度 (4*)

What attracted me to this DVD is of course the male lead, Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Takeshi plays Chiba, a Grim Reaper (死神) who appears 7 days before a person dies an unexpected death and decides whether to "proceed" or "pass over". In the movie, it always rains "when he works" and his favourite pastime is listening to music in a CD shop.

He meets 27-year-old Kazue Fujiki and the real story begins from here. I won't spoil the story for you by telling all. All I can say is although it feels slow at the beginning, the story slowly unfolds and the ending is very sweet. Expect comic moments too =) In Takeshi's interview (special feature), he said that he will feel very satisfied if "viewers feel the bitter rain turn sweet" which I felt =))

113 minutes of Takeshi + interview is pure shiokness =D

The theme song by the female lead Manami Konishi is very nice too ^^

Monday, 16 August 2010

No Free Lunch

We all know that there is no free lunch right? Nowadays when I receive pamphlets that say

Choose one of the following treatments for $19 (U.P. $150):

60 mins deep cleansing facial


60 mins deep tissue massage

i don't even bother. cos i have been to a few of these and the experience is usually quite bad. They'd either criticise every inch of your face of body or say you need this this that that. or they say you have to pay for the ampoule or better quality mask which cost $100. After the treatment they'd try to persuade you to buy their package -.- in the end, a supposedly relaxing activity becomes unpleasant and stressful...

So, don't greedy la...

Sunday, 15 August 2010


It's irritating when people come to my blog and put a comment in the chatbox with a link to THEIR website which sells some stupid product/service. They usually put in a comment like "nice blog" -.- Recently I have had two of these. What do these people do? They go to other people's blogs and just paste their link? haiz...

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Babies Grow Breasts

You guys heard or read about this right? Parents of at least 3 infant girls have voiced concern that their babies may have developed breasts prematurely after drinking powdered milk made by Synutra. This is freaking scary la... imagine what it may do to boys!!!

Read a report here.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Movie Review: 東京铁塔 - オカンとボクと、時々オトン (5*)

Tokyo Tower - Mum and Me, and sometimes Dad is an adaption of the best-selling novel by Lily Franky of the same title. I have not read the book (it's in Japanese) but when I saw this in the DVD shop, I was attracted by the picture on the cover and the synopsis of the story. It's actually an autobiography. Lily Franky リリフランキー is the stage name of Nakagawa Masaya 中川雅哉, the male lead role in the movie. Lily Franky is from Franky Goes to Hollywood and his nickname from the University Yuri, which means Lily.

The movie opens with an unwelcomed entrance of Masaya's dad, Nakagawa Koji, an irresponsible, absent father (hence the title) who brings nothing but pain and trouble to the family. An artist who had a painting he never really completed, he weaved in and out of Masaya's life as he grew up. The story centres on Masaya's mother, Nakagawa Eiko, a self-sacrficial and doting mother who gave her entire life for her son.

Blessed with Koji's artistic talent, Masaya made it to an art school in Tokyo but was sucked in by the distractions and lures of the city. He wasted away his mother's hard-earned money on a decadent lifestyle and almost dropped out of school but somehow miraculously graduated after hanging on for one more year. The turning point of his life came when he found out his mother contracted cancer and was determined to work hard and pay back mum for all that she has done.

When Masaya became financially able, he invited his mother to live with him in Tokyo and that's when the tear ducts started working really hard. The scenes of how he walked with her through her final journey made me cry buckets. The post-chemo sessions were heart-wrenching to watch. From the middle of the show onwards, I was crying non-stop :'(

Although Eiko died in the end (which is very realistic), the ending felt very complete and peaceful. In her letter to Masaya, she said something like, "Although I failed in my marriage, I was blessed with a sweet son... Thank you for letting me die in happiness."

Very very touching movie =) Oh oh, the young mother is played by the biological daughter, Yayako Uchida, of the old lady, Kiki Kirin, who played the aged mother =)

The theme song is by the very handsome Masaharu Fukuyama 福山雅治. His voice is so man... =D

Monday, 9 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Singapore!!

no matter how old i grow, Singapore will always be older =D hahaha...

here's my favourite NDP song (and i believe many people's favourite too) =D

Sunday, 8 August 2010


was what chris SMS-ed me on his R&R day overseas. i went, "ha??"

i later found out 小平 means "shopping" -______________-|||

chris: so cheap dear!!!! my 菠萝拉福 (polo Ralph) shirts r so cheap!!!! less than $15!!!!
me: -.-
chris: and check out my 佼佼阿妈你 (Giogio Armani) jacket!!! i bargained to 1/5 of the quoted price!!! *model for me wearing the jacket...*
me: -.-
chris: they also had many branded bags! got 撒尿 (Chanel) and 巴里 (Bally) 还有“掉”的耳环!(and Dior earrings!)
me: -.-
chris: the salesgirl encouraged me to buy a few for friends and family cos so cheap!!
me: no thanks.
chris: *points to my Burberry Blue Label bag from Japan* hey! they had that too! but very cheap!
me: -.-

after he unpacked everything...

me: so... you REALLY didn't buy anything for me?? -.-
chris: 我问你要不要名牌包包,你不要啊!(i asked if you wanted branded bags you don't want ma...)
me: next time go that country just buy some godiva chocolates from Changi airport *grumble grumble*

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Friday, 6 August 2010

Do You Have Kids?

today a few of us went to visit a colleague who just gave birth and her mother-in-law is v cute... when we ooh and ahhh that the baby is so cute... she said...

aunty: quick la! quick go and have one yourselves!
(i'm the only married one)
me: er aunty, they're not married... i am the only one
aunty: quick la go n have!
me: er..
aunty: do you have kids?
me: erm... y....a...
aunty: ha! how many?
me: erm... t...w...o... one boy one girl... (my colleagues all giggle...)
aunty: wa! how old?
me: erm... about t...w...o...
aunty: good la 2 already easier... wa, you r v slim neh! after giving birth to 2 still so slim...
me: erm... hm...

then somehow the small talk moved toward the subject of breastfeeding...

aunty: so did you breastfeed that time?
me: erm... n... o...
aunty: oh so both also drink formula ah?
me: er... hehe -______-|||
aunty: did you do natural birth or caesarian?

at this point, i couldn't keep up anymore so i told her the truth...

me: aunty, i was pulling your leg... my kids are my pets! =)
aunty: ha? haha... quickly go n have!

haha... should have told her i adopted... hahaha...

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Chris is on a work trip and he sent me some pictures of their "snacks"


I just lost my appetite =P

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Talking about driving... chris and i have different definitions of "perfect parking".

to me, "perfect" means all four corners of the car within the box.

to chris, it means all four corners within the box plus the sides of the car are parallel to the sides of the box and the space almost equidistant...


and haiz, my P plate is STILL there (although i could have removed it in april) because i have not successfully parallel parked -.- chris says i can't remove until i have done it. it's not that i can't. it's just that i don't have the opportunity to. the places we visit don't have parallel parking! the only time i "parallel park" is when i park behind church but chris says that doesn't count cos i just zhiooop in from behind and stop behind the last car -.-

P-plate + beetle + female = kena bully =\

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My Favourite Photo

everyone has a favourite photo at some point and my current favourite photo is this =) my current macbook and PC wallpaper =)

[E-PL1 20mm f/1.7]

Monday, 2 August 2010

Road Rage

wa, some drivers are really rude man... last night on the ECP i signalled to filter right but the car behind ngeh ngeh don't let me filter he slammed his accelerator! so i also ngeh ngeh filter then he high beamed me and overtook me! so i was pissed i vroomed behind him and wanted to high beam him back...

me: 鸡蛋! high-beam me from behind!!!
chris: dear, u have road rage...

but i kancheong pressed wrong side... water squirt out and activated wiper -_________-|||

chris: *speechless + completely stunned*

so anti-climax -.- super malu...

Sunday, 1 August 2010

I am Really My Brother's Sister =D

my kor is thinking of getting the i-Phone 4 so he asked if he can try out my old i-Phone... i passed the phone and charger to him just now...

this is what he tried to do...


me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! it's at the bottom!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

kor: SIM card neh?
me: of cos use your own la!
kor: i mean put where?
me: here, use a needle to poke the hole then the thing will come out. you can insert your SIM card and push it back.

kor: big hole or small hole?
me: -_________________________-||| the big hole is for earphones!!! *slap forehead* i must blog about this...
kor: how i know? you said poke "the hole" never say big hole or small hole!!

later in the car on the way home...

me: so dear, go straight?
chris: left
me: *filter to left lane and cruise on left-most lane*
me: what? why so sudden??
chris: i said LEFT what!
me: you said "left" you didn't say "TURN left"!
chris: sigh... you are really your brother's sister... >.<|||