Monday, 31 May 2010


when i watched the new gatsby ad i was like !@$%^@@ where is takuya kimura???? who on earth is this disgusting guy??? then i laughed until i almost fell off my couch... that's precisely how girls think isn't it? that by using a certain product, we'd look like that model or actress. but now it's the guy version. hilarious.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Product Review: Cyber Colors BB Cream (5*)

BB (blemish balm) is a very widely used product in Korea among women, especially celebrities who want to achieve the sans make-up yet flawless look. I have read a lot about this on the internet but never felt i really needed it cos i have the impression that it's very thick. There are many brands around, the most highly-rated being BRTC which Watson's carries but they have no testers so you kind of have to take the risk. BRTC only comes in PA++ which gives moderate protection and costs about $55. I only go for PA+++ which gives good protection. read more here

I happened to pass by Sasa so went in to look see look see. Sasa carries the above 4-in-1 BB cream: moisturing and whitening and anti-aging, sunblock (SPF 45 PA+++), make-up base cum foundation. according to the girl, who carefully applied a tiny dollop on the back of my hand and helped me choose the color, this is Sasa's best-selling brand for BB cream in the whole of Singapore. I could see that my skin tone was instantly evened out! so i decided to buy it (and she also convinced me to get a Japanese mascara =P)

So i tried it before going to church and am very pleased. Instead of having to apply sunblock + make-up base + foundation (i don't usually wear foundation actually... i only wear for dinners or concerts. i don't have foundation. i only have a tiny free sample from Dior which i use when i need to hahaha cheapskate), it's just one step after your moisturiser before the powder (for me, i brush on my powder... i don't like to use sponge or puffs).

Pores are less visible, skin tone more even and it stayed quite fresh from 10am til 3pm (except when i was slurping bah kut teh and chinese tea). You know how make-up sometimes "oxidizes"? this one doesn't feel like it does. It felt fresh.

Removing it is just like usual. For me, it's fancl's mild cleansing oil.

although it provides the coverage while still feeling very light, i probably won't use it everyday cos i don't need so much coverage on a daily basis plus i still prefer to just apply sunblock hahaha... very kiah see.

Convenient for travelling. Instead of one bottle of sunblock, one bottle of make-up base, one bottle of foundation, you just need to bring one tube of this. 35g means can bring up the plane in a ziplock bag =) so fang bian!

$29.90 for 35g from Sasa (Made in Korea)


Do you find that Singapore is getting v v crowded?? we HATE going out on weekends (except to Great World City) because it's super crowded EVERYWHERE. IKEA, crowded. Compasspoint, crowded. i don't even want to think of tampines mall >.< even T3 is super crowded. that day we wanted to go out for dinner on a sat. we went to kovan. circle circle circle... no parking >.< so we had the great idea of eating at T3. got parking. but EVERY restaurant has a long Q. seems like everyone else also has the same great idea.

basically, those places near MRT stations are super crowded. park must Q, eat must Q, go toilet must Q, buy things must Q, pay must Q.

singaporeans are either v lazy (to cook) or very rich. imagine a family of 4 plus one helper (3 adults, 2 kids) chao chao also $200 per meal if they eat at a restaurant right?

so now we'd rather cook at home or the only place we go to is great world city cos it's quite inaccessible so it's not so crowded.

taka sale is CRAZY. like a warzone. and the way people buy is like it's the skincare and cosmetics line is going to stop production. the cosmetics Q was super long. even ferragamo shoes people buy like buying pastries. long Q to get in, long Q to try, long Q to pay. those people are holding boxes of shoes like cake like that. but sadz, don't have my size. so end up i only bought my sisley stuff and chris' down quilt, had lunch with gf, scoot over to mandarin to get some other stuff and zhioop out.

carpark fees: $12.50 >.<|||

Saturday, 29 May 2010

BBB Virus

Haiz... once you get into photography, you will tio a virus called BBB virus. it's buy buy buy virus.

you start off with the entry model and are happy...

then after a while, you get bored and begin to feel you NEED better equipment. the better lens seduces and entices you. your fellow photographer friends and colleagues encourage you.

so you upgrade your lens and ditch the kit. and you buy more other lens.

then you feel bored again because they come up with a new body. beautiful, full and with stunning features.

so you upgrade the body.

then you begin to feel that the lens you bought is not good enough.

so you need a better lens.

and it doesn't help if you are a female photographer who also needs nice bags, pretty shoes and good skincare and make-up -.- i mean, guys can wear cheap ugly shoes and they don't carry bags, wash their face with soap and then scrub dry with the towel that they use to clean their asses with 1 min ago.

tis tough being a female photographer. you need to be VERY rich, which i am not cos i should have been a doc but i am not. or maybe i should have become a celebrity (actress or singer) then maybe can be canon or nikon spokesperson. or endorse some skincare range. then ho say liao. haiz... sadz

my nieces must choose their career paths wisely. don't follow daddy, mummy n gugu's footsteps.


Friday, 28 May 2010

Are Your Eggs Ready?

men, you can skip this post hahaha

golly... i learnt something really incredible today. i was watching some medical programme on TV and apparently, some women can FEEL themselves ovulating and i think i may be one of these women. They say it feels like menstrual cramps cos your eggs get released. The gynae in the programme used the word "burst out" so that's what those PRE-menstrual cramps were!! i get pre-menstrual cramps. it's just a slight discomfort for a couple of mins. so if you're like me and can FEEL yourself ovulating, they say it's best to "do it" within 2 days if you want to increase the chances of getting pregnant. what great news... that means i better avoid hahaha...

golly... i also feel a whole host of other symptoms. other than bodily changes (you don't need to know which part changes), i get exceptionally sensitive and irritable and can cry v easily, like when scolding people or watching spiderman. yes, totally. i was watching spidey 3 (which i recorded) and i cried when MJ broke peter's heart. i also cried watching The Tudors when Queen Catherine died. and that day, i scolded a group of "qian bian" people until i felt my tears almost gush out...

sad thing is, after being married to me for almost 8 years, chris hasn't picked up these "signals" (that's after about 90 cycles) -.- and that's not counting the number of years we dated... -.-

can't blame him la, if he can't find the butter in the fridge, what makes you think he can pick up these signals? LOL

Thursday, 27 May 2010


means "buy more save more"

chris thinks i have very warped financial sense... he will NEVER trust me with the financial planning for the family. while i am a good prime minister and minister for home (domestic chores, family festivities planning) and foreign (travel planning) affairs, he is the president and minister for finance.

me: wa dear, Euros dropped a lot neh...
chris: yeah
me: sheesh, we should have book trip to europe instead! tsk!
chris: >.>
me: imagine the amount i will SAVE buying chanel and prada!!
chris: >.<
me: i mean, from 2.5 dropped to 1.7+ neh!! so if a buy two bags which cost Euro1500, wa! i will save SGD$2000+!!!! WA!!!
chris: -.- dear... if you don't buy, you will save even more... -_______-|||

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pet Custody

On Sat, TNP reported a story about couples fighting for pet custody when they split up... haiz... so sad. but at least both parties want the pets. in the cases mentioned, it seems that some of the pets are very pricey (like worth $28000)... hm... these are childless couples who treat their pets like kids.

for those who have kids, when they split up, their children suffer the most one... the kids will grow up with 阴影 (how to translate this ha?... hm... "issues")

my colleague JL told me his girlfriend took in a bunny because her girlfriend and her boyfriend each bought a girl and boy bunny. but they broke off so he didn't want the boy bunny anymore... haiz... so irresponsible one. his ex-gf couldn't handle two bunnies. according to my colleague, when they took over the bunny, he was in a very bad shape. the previous owner subjected it to prolonged neglect and his cage bedding had not been cleaned for so long that it was infested with maggots >.< and his fur on the bum was so badly matted.

i would love to slap that stupid couple. people who ill-treat animals should be jailed and fed the maggots from the cage until they finish eating them...

To you, he is just a pet. To him, you are everything.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Wo Lui Kiah

means "Rich little fart" in hokkien (actually it's not... it means rich kid but i want to say rich little fart can?)

while waiting to see Dr Nelson Chee at his Mount E clinic, i flipped through The Tatler magazine (don't know why, specialists like to have this magazine lying around in the clinic... my ophthalmologist also has these)

it's a super boring magazine which tells you who and who attended which gala dinner zzz...

i happened to read one about a rich little fart's 21st birthday GALA dinner at some posh place (can't rmb name) with after-dinner programme at St James Power Station. it featured a nicely photoshop-ed picture of her in i believe a designer bustier gown, low cut neckline showing off her newly-formed womanly assets as she sat demurely, drenched in diamonds, on a couch. her mother, the organiser, is some tai tai la i think. the table setting is nicer than ANY WEDDING i have ever attended with pretty costume jewellery favours tied with pretty satin ribbons. photographed at the event were other rich little farts, the exclusive few invited to her lavish party. who are these people anyway?? and why will people want to read about who attended her birthday party?? and who is she??? -.-

need to be so lavish meh? i bet she sings off-key (I always believe God is fair LOL *sour grapes*)

now, what happened at my 21st birthday party? i can't remember LOL not that it was long ago (not that long ago la!) but it was so unspecial that i really can't remember hahaha... sadz :'(

haiz... that time when my nieces had their first birthday, my kor n SIL were so tired they didn't really want to celebrate but i insisted and am glad i did because at least we have some photos to show them when they're older. i am happy for CY and ling's very adorable daughter that CY is an avid photographer (like me) so hannah will have MANY (tonnes, truckloads) of photos... as for me, i feel sad that i don't have many old photos of me when i was young. i am serious. i think i can only find like 2-3 -.- i don't know how i used to look as a baby cos no one took photos... very sad... very very sad... so when people want to borrow my old photos (for whatever reasons) i make them promise to return it to me because it's really precious. some careless people have lost 2 of my precious photos (kindergarten and singing at some friend's birthday one) which made me very very upset.

Monday, 24 May 2010

I Should Have Been A Specialist Doctor

i hate myself for not pressing on in biology in sec sch (i took one lesson LOL) and freaking out at the thought of cutting up frogs and rabbits >.< because during my time, to get into medical school, biology was required. so once you drop bio, you can kiss medicine goodbye.

as some of you (especially my colleagues) know, i have been coughing incessantly for some time now so today i decided to go and see my specialist at Mount E.

BILL - a whopping $363 *heart bleed* my heart almost jumped out of my mouth and i almost fainted on the spot

that was for:

talking to me for 5 mins $100, looking very concerned throughout, prying open my nostril and peering into it, explaining to me what medication he is going to prescribe, offering to give me 3 days MC (which i probably won't use anyway -.- cos in my line of work, if you're on MC, your colleagues "kena arrowed" to cover for you which makes me feel v bad cos everyone is very busy), answering my questions most patiently... sheesh i forgot to ask him about the ringing in my ear

nasopharyngoscopy $180 about 5 mins but felt like hours (must be difficult to pronounce cos then can be expensive mah) when he said, "i'm going to have to look inside", the hair on my entire body stood DENG!! i am very scared of this procedure. HATE doing this (did it before). it involves sticking a slightly-thicker-than-yakult-straw tube up nostril and up and up and up then u-turn go down into throat to take video then pull out and then up the other nostril just to check the nostril. he first sprayed anaesthetic very carefully into my nostrils while speaking in a very gentle voice, "it will be a little bitter ya" throughout the procedure, he did it with the utmost care and spoke with the most soothing and gentle voice "this part will be sensitive... breathe with your nose, not with your mouth... then you won't feel the tube so much... great, youre' doing great... ok, it's coming out now..." i teared because of the discomfort. when i teared, the nurse gently pressed more tissue into my hands and patted me lovingly

ok, sinuses not inflamed which is good.

medication $83
klacid (7 tablets) $50 (this is so expensive!!!) one tablet of this can eat one subway meal >.<
codipront (10 capsules) $20 one capsule of this can eat one packet of chicken rice
xyzal (10 tablets) $12 one capsule of this can buy one cup of fruit juice (water-melon)
prednisolone (12 tablets) $1

the service was excellent. comfy sofa with cushions, copies of Tatler magazine. i didn't even have to open doc's door. the nurse held it open for me with a bright smile -.- "Ms Koh, you may enter now =D"

it doesn't matter that he is called Nelson Chee (鸟生鸡), he probably drives an audi/merc/beemer and stays in holland V.

oh, the nurse carry miu miu bag one hor, don't play play ah. specialist nurse also earn alot i think. no wonder she smile until so sweet... cos it's kaching kaching! -.-

so now i HAVE TO get well...

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ramen Egg (Improved)

I blogged about ramen egg sometime ago and since then i have been trying to perfect it. i managed to get a very nice one today =) with almost runny yolk =)

this time i used a cold egg from the fridge and followed the same instructions but seeped for 4 mins. i may try 3.5 mins next time.

1 Fresh Egg
1 tbsp each of shoyu, mirin, sake

Heat the shoyu, mirin, sake in the microwave for 30 secs and 30 secs (total one min la but break it up so it won't boil over...)

fill a pot with water and place it over the fire then carefully place a COLD (FROM THE FRIDGE) egg into the water. roll it around a little with a spoon while the water comes to a boil. this is to make sure that the yolk doesn't skew to one side. once the water boils, shut off the flame, cover and wait 4 mins (i used an hourglass)

take out the egg, cool it in tap water and carefully peel it.

place the egg and mixture into a plastic bag and fasten it (i recycled a bread clip ^^). Leave it for a few hours. I left mine for about 4 hours in the fridge.

when ready to serve, cut in half with a string

but one thing i have not been able to do is peel the egg beautifully. there's always one or two pieces stuck to the white and the egg is then not smooth >.<

so that's my next area for improvement! gambatte ne!

Movie Review: Assasins and Bodyguards (3.5*)

We watched this at home last weekend because it won many awards. The plot revolves around Dr Sun Yat Sen's supporters and the Qing soldiers trying to stop him. Set in colonial Hong Kong, there is a clash of the Qing soldiers, British forces and underground Sun supporters. It's a war between the Qing assasins and Sun supporters who are the bodyguards.

Starring Donnie Yen, Tony Leung, Nicholas Tse, Leon Lai, Eric Tsang and Hu Jun.

I felt engaged and enjoyed the plot and fight scenes but the ending is very tragic. die, die, die, everyone dies. in hokkien it's "long chong see gah liao".

so tragic...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Illegal Cough Syrup Peddlers

wa, today TNP reported that there are illegal cough syrup peddlers on the bridge connecting The Adelphi and Funan IT Mall... aiyoh, so scary... i use that bridge quite often neh... and i always get v irritated by men smoking there but didn't now they're illegal cough syrup peddlers. the cough syrup contain codeine which gives users a high so addicts go there to get a cheap and quick fix. the sellers are mostly foreign men in their 20s who pretend to be waiting for people while smoking...

aiyoh, 光天化日之下 (in broad daylight) peddle drugs!!!!

next time i don't dare to use that bridge anymore er... *pats chest* kai see nang ah!!! kai see nang ah!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Itchy Fingers

on sunday evening when we were at our in-laws place... grandma was not around so we watched channel 5 but there was nothing much so i itchy-fingers went to change the channel to taiwanese show "i ask sky! i ask sky!"


in the scene, the mother-in-law was scolding her evil daughter-in-law...

taiwanese show MIL: as a daughter-in-law, it's your responsibility to perpetuate the family line!!


then the characters talked about the eldest son and my FIL suddenly commented...

FIL: in chinese families, the eldest son is the most important. like you, chris!
chris: *continue surfing internet on his HTC desire*
FIL: *silence*
me: hehehe dear! your father says you are special!!! ^^ hehehe =D


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sunday Best

Sunday best is what people use to describe one's best clothes/most formal/what you will wear to church

but some people (especially youngsters) don't seem to know what is appropriate for church and what is not... i have seen some of these in church and tsk tsk tsk...

on sunday, the girl in front was wearing a t shirt too short that it showed like 5 inches of her midriff... tsk tsk tsk and 3 seats away, a girl wore a tank top with NO BRA... church is a very cold place mind you... i am serious... i couldn't believe what i saw... tsk tsk tsk... others i have seen and feel are inappropriate are shorts and slippers.

young people nowsaday... haiz... don't know what is protocol... go church wear like go clubbing.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Duped 5 Times

TNP ran a story about a Mr Ahmad who got scammed FIVE times in 6 months and lost a total of $50,000. Mr Ahmad, the sole breadwinner of his family, earns almost $3000 a month and has SEVEN kids aged 15 to 27. His eldest kid is jobless, second kid is working part-time while pursuing a degree, the rest are still in school. Despite the fact that their electricity has been cut due to arrears and that he has chalked up $24,000 worth of credit card bills by maxing out 4 cards, Mr Ahmad is still adamant that he will get his money back from the latest "scheme". He said, "I thought that if I can earn $1 million from commisions in some of these schemes..." *slap forehead*

The scams all sound vaguely similar... people with large amounts of money who need help to transfer the money out of an account *yawns* and the person (or rather, dumbo) who helps them will get a cut of the money. The percentages quoted are unbelievably high e.g. 20%

One of the scams goes like this:
A man claiming to be a political exile of Benin needs help to transfer US$6m out of an account in Switzerland into Indonesia. The person helping him will get a commision of 30% of his wealth but he has to first pay UD$8525 in "handling fees" for customs to clear the money.

30% of his wealth??? -.- isn't that too good to be true for not doing anything?? hello??? use your brains... actually, use backside to think also know it's a scam la... the guy doesn't know you... why would he part with 30% of his WEALTH to you just for doing something like that. even so, aren't you suspicious about the origins of the money??

is he dumb or is he dumb??

haiz... my conclusions:
1. stupidity + greed is a perfect recipe for disaster...
2. if it's too good to be true, it is.

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Did you guys read in the papers that 2 people won a Lambourghini (worth $850, 000) at the IR??? wah seh... but they declined it and brought home $650, 000 CASH instead... shioks...

chris: dear, i go try my luck la...
me: if you win will you give me the car?? VROOM VROOM =D
chris: no dear, i'll sell it for CASH!!! =DDD

where got so lucky one? I believe in Gambler's Ruin which roughly states that the player (us) with finite wealth will lose in the long run in a game against an opponent with infinite wealth (casino)... hahaha... tsk tsk tsk...

Priscilla's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was priscilla's bridal shower so a couple of days ago...

me: dear, erm... this sat can you go out and jalan jalan at about 2pm?? it's priscilla's bridal shower at our place. men not allowed.
chris: oh... you all are going to get male stripper ah?
me: NO!!!! -.-||| we don't do such things -.-... or do you want to hide in the room? kekeke
chris: it's ok... i'll just loiter around at the void deck =(
me: -________-|||

after the event, i found out that he went back to work... so poor thing.. hahaha

so the day is here and i happily took out my tea sets to wash and dry. I had thought it's gonna be a picnic setting because pris initially wanted a picnic at bot gardens but considering the recent bad weather, we decided to take it indoors =) so i just laid out the stuff buffet style.

Since priscilla's favourite colour is purple, i chose a purple theme for the flowers ^^ i haven't practised ikebana for a long time =P but it turned out not bad

below is ikebana freestyle (vertical)

the programme is basically: tea + chat, presents, pray.

i forgot to take pictures of the food hahaha... there were sandwiches from amelia, otah from hui bin, walnut crumble and samosas from lisa, cherries, salad and cake from me and ice cream from rhoda (which we totally forgot! so she brought them home =P)

here's everyone watching a slideshow of pris' wedding pictures from the photo-shoot in Taipei. as her girlfriends, we get the exclusive preview =D

Presents time!!

we placed the presents in a picnic basket on a picnic mat...

pris unwrapping her tiara and looking pleasant surprised =)

aramsa spa voucher

la senza voucher.

amelia brought chocolate massage cream... kinky... my first response was: "is it edible?" LOL

a collection of our well-wishes and marital advice from the married girls very nicely put together scrapbook style by kay

Pris with all her gifts (check out the tiara), including the floral arrangement ling2 brought =)

and of cos, how can we not have a group shot =) mostly married with kid(s)...

(clockwise from top left): kay (the champion of all with 3 kids), ling ling (1 kid), PRISCILLA the bride-to-be, amelia (1 kid + pregnant with 2nd), lisa (1 kid), namiko (2 cats), me (2 bunnies), hui bin (single), rhoda (1 kid)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Icing Room II

yeee... the cake lak sek one. think it's cos the weather was too hot and humid. today when i took out the cake, some of the sugar florest lak sek and it didn't look as pretty.

the taste is not bad. i like the creme fraiche

Nice Video

my bento buddy showed me this in the office and i laughed very loudly at the back part... LOL

it's one person impersonating many singers in one song...

Friday, 14 May 2010

The Icing Room

It's priscilla's bridal shower so i decided to decorate a cake for her at The Icing Room at Compasspoint B1. It's a subsidiary of bread talk.

For $20.80, u get a 6" cake which includes one choc, one red/blue sweet gel, pink, pastel green and pastel yellow cream and a packet of sugar florets. additional decorations are at $2 each. i added a pair of angels. Time limit: 30 mins. So you stand at one of the cake stands available and decorate your cake. Pls wash hands before that cos they don't provide gloves. There are also 4" and 8" cakes at different prices.

This is the end result =) I quite like it =) I guess the trick is to keep it simple and not to be so tum sim that you try to use up EVERYTHING they give you. That's what the people beside me did and their cake ended up very cluttered and messy *pats chest* heng ah... i am not so greedy... hehehe. it's cute ^^

it's quite a fun experience and i'm sure if you have kiddos, they'd love it =) they provide stools for kids who can't reach the counter. how considerate.

I've yet to taste the cake but i guess, even if it doesn't taste fantastic, your family member or friends will still love it for the lovely thought and effort =)

Hinoki Essential Oil Soap

I was very thrilled to see this product at Taipei airport. Hinoki is the special kind of wood used to make Japanese bath tubs and mind u, the tubs cost a bomb (in the region of USD$5000!!! because water in hinoki tubs have properties that are very beneficial to the skin). it smells great too!! if you have bathed in a hinoki tub before, you'll know what i mean. it has a very fragrant woody scent.

i bought two boxes containing two cakes each at the airport for NT470 each box (about SGD$20+)and simply love it =) but i'm down to my third cake now =( heng ah, my good friend grace is studying in taiwan!! =D

you can read more about hinoki's benefits here.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sole Expensive

golly... one thing about buying expensive shoes is the expensive soles you need to put before you wear them to prolong their lifespan... and sometimes i half-suspect the Mr Minit guys see the brand one -.- the soles for my new shoes cost a whopping $60!!!! he says it's cos "they need to cut the leather into the shape"... right... last time my other shoes cost only $30... it's the same material but he said the shape is difficult to cut hence the extra cost (like DOUBLE!!) another lady who brought her shoes to do the protection also kena charged $60... same case as mine... difficult to cut... -.-

i also have another pair which is the normal leather sole so total bill was $90!!! *heart pain* but bo pian... need to protect...

>.< chris says my soles alone can let him buy two pairs of BATA shoes... ya man, sole expensive.... >.<|||

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Restaurant Review: Imperial Treasures @ T3 (3.5*)

To avoid the crowds in town, we had Mothers' Day dinner at T3 but were quite disappointed with the food although it's imperial treasures. i guess we prefer the teochew one...

me: dear, what do u want to eat?
chris: i want pomfret!
me: no pomfret la! this is cantonese one
chris: oh...? ok...

yeah, their fish maw and sea cucumber are not nice one!! the teochew one at ngee ann city is sooooo much nicer!! they said "sea cucumber stuffed with minced prawn". in the teochew one, the sea cucumber is REALLY STUFFED with minced prawns... this one the sea cucumber is one piece, the minced prawn is a separate roll -.- like that called STUFFED meh?? and the sauce they use is not nice one. some gluey sauce with beaten egg whites... the teochew one is very very nice oyster sauce.

we had peking duck, winter melon soup which came in a huge winter melon half packed with loads of ingredients such as conpoy, scallops, fish maw, prawns, lotus seeds etc..., roasted pork, sea cucumber, fish maw, crispy chicken, asparagus with scallops, steamed soon hock and the duck meat from the peking duck was used to fry noodles.

what i really couldn't tahan was the waiter (foreigner) who DRAGGED his shoes piak piak piak piak piak like slippers whenever he walked around >.< it's a nice restaurant so i would expect the staff to walk properly, not like they're in a hawker centre. take plates piak piak piak piak piak, pour tea piak piak piak piak piak, get soy sauce piak piak piak piak piak...

and he doesn't know nuts...

me: is there a nothers' day set menu?
the guy: er...
me: *repeat question in mandarin*
the guy: i go and check *piak piak piak piak piak*

me: what's the soup of the day?
the guy: it's written there *point to menu*
me: it says SOUP. OF. THE. DAY... so, what's the soup of the day?
the guy: i go and check *piak piak piak piak piak*

my FIL asked for soy sauce he piak piak piak piak piak out then piak piak piak piak piak back with ONE DISH of soy sauce... so we had to pour from that dish into our own dishes... drip drip drip drip drip...

think the guy is new but still, they should have trained him more thoroughly... horrible service tsk tsk tsk

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


in chinese there's a saying 十赌九输 which means gamble 10 times 9 times lose.

the news reported that toto has hit $5,000,000 so i'm sure there'd be snaking Qs at those betting booths (there's one downstairs my house). some people even travel very far to buy from supposedly "lucky" booths...


people, the probability of getting 6 numbers out of 45 correct is approximately 1 in 8 million.

population of singapore is 4 million.

wake up.


Monday, 10 May 2010

Not Again...

during mothers' day dinner, my FIL prayed...

"... and Lord, it is your will that all women become mothers. and you promised us that our descendents will be as numerous as the stars in the sky..."


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Adorable Ah Ma

We had Mothers' Day dinner at T3's Imperial treasures so Ah ma had to miss her favourite taiwanese drama series with theme song that goes, "I ask sky! i ask sky!..."

time: 6:53pm... ah ma sat quietly and looked a little uneasy...

FIL: you can watch channel 8 on your phone right?
me: ya... you want to watch?
FIL: your grandmother wants to watch her "love"!
me: oh, the i ask sky i ask sky show? ok...
FIL: that's why she is not talking... she misses the show...

so chris passes my phone to ah ma and once she got it, she was completely engrossed...

nothing could tear ah ma away from the screen... not scallops, fish maw, sea cucumber. here, you see ah ma holding her peking duck wrap with one hand while devouring the plot... peking duck can wait... plot cannot LOL

if you want to talk to her, sorry, wait for the commercials baby...

and the plot thickens... ah ma needs close-up view...

gwyneth: if my mum were here, she'd be sitting beside ah ma watching too...
me: ha? then when she goes overseas how?
gywn: miss lor!
me: but it wouldn't make a diff right? LOL
gywn: ya, 3 weeks later the plot is still at the same place HAHAHAHA
FIL: the plot is always the same! every once in a while they add in a new bad character... and then someone gets pregnant... haiz... always the same...

at about 8 pm, ah ma looked perplexed...

ah ma: *turns to gwyn's dad* zor ni oo gor mek kia? (why is there something on the screen?)
gwyn's dad: orh! ah ma! bor battery liu! (no battery already!)
gywn: ah ma toing gah bor battery! (ah ma watch until no battery!)

so funny... ah ma is like a kid... usually it's the kids who take their food from the table and sit in front of the TV to watch cartoon but here we have grandma totally hooked on this taiwanese drama...


Happy Mothers' Day Everyday...

Golly, this is really embarrassing... i wrote a card to my MIL and since she is a retired chinese teacher, i decided to add in some chinese to make it more meaningful for her. i wrote "wishing you a happy mothers' day"

but somehow i felt something was not right... it's like you spell a word wrongly and it just looks weird... ya, that was how i felt... so i asked chris...

me: eh dear, something doesn't look right...
chris: >.> *glance at card* O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! wait wait wait.... let me take a picture!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL i must have proof!!
me: what? -.-

end up i had to rewrite la... sheesh, too long never write in chinese le... should have used computer or SMS to check first.

this is the photo chris took

heng ah... if my MIL sees this don't know whether she will laugh or cry... hahahah

This World Only Mummy Good

i don't know why my videos always kena cut off one... anyway, i watched the entire short film when royston tan came to my workplace and i cried... so touching

Saturday, 8 May 2010


you don't know how happy i was to hear the thunder just now when i was lying in bed after lunch at my mum's place...

the weather was sooooooo hot that a trip to my mum's place for mothers' day lunch made me so sick again =( and i didn't dare to go too near my ichiban kawaii nieces because i didn't want to pass my illness to them =( they were wearing the cute burberry tops i bought hahahaha... so cute

after lunch i felt sick and kept coughing... you know the kind of cough that can HEAR the phlegm? =P feels terrible to have a blob of phlegm stuck in the throat you cough cough cough it goes up down up down but not OUT... and you can't breathe properly... i really need to cough out that blob of phlegm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i was lying in bed after my dose of cough syrup when i heard...


me: *flip window blinds up* dear, is that THUNDER i hear????? =DDDDDDD *excited*
chris: *fondling his new HTC desire and ogling at it* think so....
me: YES!!! finally it's going to rain!!!!! =DDDDDDD

the long-awaited shower to water the scorched earth... nice! =) very nice!!!

gene kelly singing in the rain

Ramen Eggs =D

read the improved version here

Don't you love those eggs in ramen with gooey yolks?? i tried making them and it turned out quite good! ^^

1 Fresh Egg
1 tbsp each of shoyu, mirin, sake

Heat the shoyu, mirin, sake in the microwave for 30 secs and 30 secs (total one min la but break it up so it won't boil over...)

fill a pot with water and place it over the fire then carefully place a room-temperature egg into the water. roll it around a little with a spoon while the water comes to a boil. this is to make sure that the yolk doesn't skew to one side. once the water boils, shut off the flame, cover and wait 3 mins (i used an hourglass)

take out the egg, cool it in tap water and carefully peel it.

place the egg and mixture into a plastic bag and fasten it (i recycled a bread clip ^^). Leave it for a few hours. I left mine for about 4 hours in the fridge.

I guess you can cut it with a thread but i just pried it open with my chopsticks ^^ i had it with some udon soup.


next time i will try it with the packet of frozen sapporo ramen i bought!

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Heat Is On (II)

With this heat, you really don't need a water heater cos the water that comes out from the tap is WARM >.<

i placed my cough syrup on the table beside the window and this morning when i took it, it was WARM

and i'm sure my goldfish feel v v warm in the warm pond water >.<

sheesh... *wipe sweat*

the most effective flu remedy for me is SDP: Sleep, Drink, Pee. yes, sleep a lot, drink a lot and pee a lot. after the morning dose of medication, i went back to zzz... i always ask the doc for medicine that will "knock me out" because the non-drowsy types make me O.O can't sleep >.<

and somehow, i feel that everytime i pee, some of the "heatiness" comes out hahaha...

hope i will get better for Mothers' Day Celebration this weekend.... got a lunch and a dinner to catch

The Heat Is On

Wee Sia Mi?? Wee Sia Mi?? Wee Sia Mi????? (why why why in hokkien) to the tune of a children's programme....

WHY WHY WHY?????? Why is Singapore on the Equator???? WHY WHY WHY?? Why do i only get to wear my pretty boots and trenchcoat in other countries???? Why Why Why???? is singapore SO BLEDDY HOT?????????!!!!!!!!

*wipe sweat* i really cannot tahan the heat these days, especially when i have to work in an environment that is not fully air-conditioned >.<|||

yesterday i was Q-ing up to buy chee cheong fun for breakfast. my rotund colleague LL was in front...

me: hooo =P so hot!
LL: ya, don't stand so near me... i might melt
me: hahaha... *he's funny*
LL: ya, my oil may flow out...
me: eeewwww... heng ah, females can wear sleeveless... you guys have to wear long sleeves >.<
LL: tell me about it... we're petitioning to be allowed to wear polo tees
me: ...oooohh... cannot wear short-sleeves meh... *point to another colleague in front* and look like an engineer... hehe
LL: but it's the *point to arm-pit* patches
me: eeewwww... =( that's right =P totally tak glam

it's been sooooo terribly hot that EVERYDAY i have a headache and feel feverish at the end of the day... i finally cannot tahan my on and off sore throat and onset of a cough. i have been trying to fight it cos in my line of work, when you're on MC, your colleagues have to cover your "duties" for you, which i feel bad about. everyone's so busy already....

but i coughed so badly in the office today that i felt i was going to cough out my lungs like in one of stephen chow's movies. (watch 4:35)

so i left early to see the doc... but then it was closed -.- so i went home to try to sleep and some SGNs were playing downstairs and screamed, squealed, shrieked... ROAR!!!!! i pictured myself with a bow and arrow taking aim... *breathe in breathe out* chill chill....

saw the doc in the evening... my favourite resident doc Dr Wong was not there, it was some lao kok kok doc. turns out i kena infection and have an ulcer in my throat. my sinuses are inflamed, my throat hurts, my cough got phlegm, my head aches... he gave me MC.

those kids had better not make so much noise or i'll throw water bombs down... SGNs...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Watercress Soup

Here's another very comforting soup... i like to add conpoy because it makes the soup very flavourful =)

Chicken - half, skinned, cut into pieces, scalded in boiling water
watercress - half of the bunch you buy
red dates - 2
bitter and sweet chinese almonds - very small handful each
wolfberries - small handful
conpoy - 3, soak in hot water until soft, pour away water
water - 4 cups

bring to boil and simmer for 2 hours

*i use chicken because it's cheaper =P half a chicken costs $4+ if it's sakura, $3.50 if it's kampong but to get that same amount of loin ribs, it costs twice as much =( and we don't eat the meat one ma... only drink the soup so it's very wasteful. anyway, when i buy sakura chicken ($8.90 each) i need to buy ONE so i will separate the parts. breasts for soup, thighs and drums for cooking other dishes for eating.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Stewed Chicken in Wine

Very easy to make but tasty home-cooked fare =) learnt this while watching "3 dishes 1 soup" TV programme but modified it a little

chicken - half (the thighs and drums parts), skinned, cut into pieces
sesame oil - 1 tbsp
ginger - 6 to 8 slices
black fungus - 4, soaked til expanded, cut coarsely into strips
mushrooms - (shiitake, dried chinese, whatever), stalks removed, halved
chinese rice wine - enough to cover chicken (not hua tiao, just regular transparent type chinese rice wine for cooking)
marinate: light soy, dark soy - 1 tspn each
garnish - sprigs of cilantro

Marinate the chicken for at least 30 mins. scoop chicken meat out (i didn't use the remaining marinate in the bowl cos it might be too salty)

heat sesame oil in a claypot and fry giner slices til fragrant. add chicken meat and stir around. add black fungus and mushrooms. pour in wine til covered. stir a little and push mushrooms and fungus into spaces. bring to boil, cover and simmer for 1 hour

garnish with cilantro

this is what's left LOL

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Movie Review: Ip Man 2 (5*)

yeah, i finally managed to watch Ip Man 2 after the boo boo on sat and i enjoyed it very much. chris, on the other hand, felt that the story is very cliche and predictable...

it showed Ip Man as a struggling martial arts teacher trying to make ends meet in the colonised Hong Kong. the eye candy came in the form of his eldest disciple, a brash young dude who got into trouble with the local, more established clan headed by sammo. according to sammo, the leader of all clans, the "qualifying test" to start a martial arts school is to have a duel with all existing martial arts teachers on a round table within the burning time of one joss stick. Ip Man accepted the invitation and of cos passed the test beautifully.

as with most chinese movies set in that period, the british are portrayed as oppressive and corrupt. the antagonist was an arrogant british boxing champion who provoked sammo to a duel in the ring. sammo died in trying to preserve the honour of chinese martial arts.

of course, one would expect Ip Man to rise and reclaim the victory and integrity of Chinese kungfu, which he did. the show ended with bruce lee as a little boy wanting to be Ip Man's disciple and a photo montage and narration of bruce lee and Ip Man's teacher-disciple relationship.

that's why chris felt it is very cliche. he felt that the boxing ring duel was too similar to Vincent Zhao's The Legend (Shu Qi Er)... but i was very engaged during all the well-choreographed fight scenes, especially the round table fight with sammo. for his size and age, sammo is really agile and flexible... i cried when sammo was beaten to death by the ang mo... =( so sad...

i strongly recommend this movie because of the good fight scenes and simply because Donnie Yen rocks =)

Monday, 3 May 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

this long weekend has been *sigh* haiz... *shake head*

first it was the long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated IP Man 2 but got the date wrong so ended up not watching anything >.<

then it's the excited-about-tasting-it cake that dropped on the ground of the elevator... boo hoo...

it wasn't an elaborate cake la... just a cake mix i bought from daiso and was curious to try so i read the instructions in Japanese (by agaration... there were illustrations so that made it easier) and baked the sponge cake. when it was done, it was time to go to my in-law's so i couldn't really cover it (hot ma). it just laid a sheet of baking paper over the top and tied it in a furoshiki (Japanese hankerchief thingy for wrapping things such as lunchboxes) and brought it to my in-law's to cut. so they got half, ah ma got 1/4 and we kept 1/4. my MIL pinched some to eat and said it's nice. she gave some to scruffy who begged for seconds so i cut one small piece to try... mmm... not bad and gave a piece to scruffy who asked for thirds -.- greedy dog...

i put our 1/4 back into the baking pan, covered it with the same paper and tied it with the furoshiki. think i didn't tie it tightly enough so when chris carried it to bring it home, the cloth gave way and out came the cake PIAK! on the ground in the elevator. ah ma's helper lynn swore it fell on the paper and didn't touch the ground but chris was like -.- "dear, just throw it la."

i was sad la... even though it didn't take a lot of effort, i still measured the other ingredients: such as water, vanilla extract, separated 3 eggs, mixed the stuff together and whisked the egg whites by hand until stiff peaks formed. heart pain =(

so i sulked in the car...

me: i got no cake to eat! HNG!
chris: ok ok, go home bake another one!
me: no more cake mix la!
chris: *helpless* then bake next time...?
me: you neh say SORRRY
chris: ok ok sorry sorry, it's my fault...
me: next time YOU bake the cake!
chris: HA? -________-???
me: you have to whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form wor!
chris: er... ok... *what are stiff peaks??? the only peaks i know are *CENSORED**
me: and later go home you wash the baking pan! ROAR
chris: OKO, i wash... -.-|||

at the petrol station...

me: i have no cake to eat...
chris: *there she goes again* okok, sorry my fault
me: *stare at the polar cakes + SULK*
chris: okok, choose one, i buy for you
me: *SULK*

so end up i bought 4 sugar rolls... -.-

Saturday, 1 May 2010


ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! so angry with myself!!!! i booked tickets yesterday for today's 6:50pm Ip Man 2 so we went there early for dinner and Q-ed up to collect tickets...

me: 77765
GV girl: sorry... can i have your IC No?
GV girl: can i have your mobile number?
GV girl: sorry... there is no booking...
me: huh? cannot be... i booked on the internet and even got a confirmation ID! 77765
GV girl: sorry... it's not reflected...

so i showed them the confirmation email on my i-phone and the manager went to check...

me: *fuming mad* must be their system something wrong! they better get me my seats!
chris: hm...
manager: sorry, you have to collect 30 mins before the show otherwise the seats will be released
me: *what crap you talking?* i booked with my CREDIT CARD!! on!
manager: ok, let me check...
me: *to chris* i bet they sold our ticket to someone else! if they did, they better compensate us with gold class or else i'm so gonna make noise! (the GV girl looked intimidated by me)


manager: *showed me a print-out* mdm, you got the day wrong...
me: *GASP! scrutinise the print-out* AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
chris: ???
me: i booked for yesterday 6:50pm!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
chris: can we still buy tickets?
GV girl: ip man 2 at 6:50pm... only first row corner seats.
me: ironman 2?
GV girl: 9pm second row corner or first row centre
me: >.< *i so wanna stab myself now... so malu... just now make so much noise some more...*

so... we went to coffee bean and checked i-GV... ALL cinemas in the vicinity are SOLD OUT for ip man 2 and ironman 2 for that timing...

we ended up not watching anything =( and my heart feels v pain about the $20 i paid, not watching anything... =(((((

i should so hoot myself...