Friday, 30 October 2009


That day we had a workshop and as usual during tea break, you'd do small talk with colleagues so we were talking about our holiday plans...

P: oh, so you are going to japan with your family? free and easy?
me: y...ah... my family, which is my husband la...
P: and your children?
me: erm... well, my children can't quite travel...
P: i see...
roy: @.@???
me: *giggle*
roy: *to P* you believe her??? does she look like she has children???
me: =D it's true, my children can't travel...
roy: she has no kids la!!
me: my children are my pets =)
P: oh! haha =)

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wafu Dressing

I don't like store-bought dressings so i make my own. although i like balsamic vinaigrette, i find it a waste buying a big bottle of balsamic vinegar and not finishing it so here's sharing a simple asian (japanese) salad dressing using items we should all have at home (other than mirin unless you cook jap food often):

2:2:2:1 of

soy sauce: mirin: rice vinegar: sesame oil

plus some sesame seeds

mix well and drizzle over your favourite greens.

[from left: soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar]

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


wa... last night i was sooooooooooooo tired after work (met clients non stop from 1205 to 630 >.<) that i took the wrong bus to compasspoint and i didn't even realise it until it was too late. was supposed to take 89 to meet chris there but gong gong-ly took 81 instead. then i stoned in the bus... checked facebook on i-phone... then... eh??? how come the bus exit TPE??? eh???? how come go hougang??? AAAHHHH!!!!! i took the wrong bus!!!

so i had to alight at kovan and take train to gostan back -.-

lately i feel so overworked and i get periodic heart spasms... donno is it going to having myocardial infarction... sheesh...

Stir-fried Beef

here's a simple dish.

kobe beef karubi chips (1 pack) karubi means "short rib" because it's (USA) kobe beef it's quite expensive... about $12+ per 100g. i bought about 150g so it was almost $20. if it's from japan, it will cost even more k =P
yakiniku sauce (erm... about 4 tbspn... i just swirled it around =P so this is an agaration LOL)
sake (2 tbspn)
water (1-2 tbspn)
onion (1, halved then cut into semi-circular rings)
sesame seeds to garnish

fry onion until caramelised. add beef. stir fry until almost "un-pink" then add sake to pssssss for a while. add sauce, fry fry, add water, a few more tosses. garnish with sesame seeds and serve immediately with rice.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nourishing Soups: Ginko Nut and Conpoy with Chicken

Chinese love soups and will try to incorporate a soup into every dinner. When i say soup, i mean the clear slow-boiled types, not the ang mo cream of everything (asparagus, mushroom, chicken...) kind >.<

when i boil soups, i use either pork ribs or chicken pieces (usually 1/2 a chicken, skinned and fat removed) and i always run the meat through boiling water before putting it into the pot to boil. i have a "nourishing soup" recipe book with quite a number of easy-to-cook soups that boast of goodness for every organ in the body as well as preserving youth and beauty. only thing is it's in chinese so i have to try to read... if unsure, ask chris. if chris doesn't know, ask mother-in-law LOL but thankfully it's in full colour. each soup comes with a description of benefits too.

here's an easy dinner soup for two:

chicken - half (skinned, fat removed)
ginko nuts - 50g (about 10-12 depending on whether u r tired LOL)
conpoy - 50g (about 6-8 depending on size)
salt to taste
water - 3 to 4 cups depending on whether you want a light soup or more flavourful broth (chris n i prefer a more flavourful broth so i use slightly more than 3)

for ginko nuts, you can get the ready-peeled ones from supermarkets but i prefer the fresh ones still in the shells. so i will "kok" open the shells then slowly peel the layer off the flesh. peeling ginko nuts is quite a pain i must admit. but i don't like the peeled ones because they add preservatives and there's some funny smell... and for conpoy, japanese conpoy is nicer.

so, you rinse conpoy and pour boiling water over them til submerged and let sit for about 20 mins to soften. in the meantime, "kok" open and peel the ginko nuts. run the chicken pieces through boiling water for a while then place the chicken pieces together with ginko nuts and conpoy (drain away the water the conpoy were sitting in) into 3-4 cups of water. bring to boil then simmer for an hour.

you don't need to put a lot of salt because of the conpoy. taste it first. if you find that it tastes ok, then there's no need to add salt so it's healthier.

benefits: nourish the respiratory tract and increase immunity against flu-like diseases. also good for those suffering from insomnia or who are depressed.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Obento ^^

i was so inspired by the obasan in the jap cooking video that i made our own colourful obento for lunch today ^^

here's chris'

and here's mine

there is salmon teriyaki, shredded cabbage with home-made wafu dressing (1000 island for chris cos he prefers 1000 island), omelette with spinach, persimmons, grapes.

wa, it took me 45 mins LOL if i make as many things as her (she had fried chicken la, sausages la, onigiri some more...) i think it will take twice as long. and i prepared the salad, dressing, fruit and teriyaki sauce the night before some more k... so in the morning i made the omelette with spinach, cooked the salmon and rice. plus wash up. i spent some time deciding how to arrange that's why so long =P

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Cool Cooking Video ^^

wow, found this cool cooking video...

Saturday, 24 October 2009


means "What sh*t?" in hokkien... i can't help bursting out in hysterical laughter when i read ling's post about toyota's new hybrid car called...

take a deep breath... r u ready?

wait for it...

here it comes...

SAI!!! yes, it's called SAI which in hokkien means faecal deposits... i wonder if it runs on solid fuel (how apt...)

imagine the following scenarios...

Scenario 1:
*neighbour sees you with pail of water...*
neighbour: hi...
you: hehe... gotta wash my sai... =D

Scenario 2:
wife: dear, can i take your sai to work today?
husband: sure!

Scenario 3:
colleague: eh. your sai what colour ha?
you: oh, black...

Scenario 4:
*traffic jam...*
you: wa lao! i sat in my sai for one whole hour!

scenario 5:
*illegal parking*
officer: this one whose sai??!!

scenario 6:
wesley pastor: SMS XXXX, kindly move your sai to another spot, it's blocking people.

scenario 7:
wife to unfaithful husband...
wife: i caught you fooling around with another woman in your sai!

and the list goes on...

Friday, 23 October 2009


As usual, there is furore over the PSLE Math paper AGAIN... apparently, some of the top students "broke down" after the paper. Parents complained that the were too difficult. One such question is:

"Jim bought some chocolates and gave half of it to Ken. Ken bought some sweets and gave half of it to Jim. Jim ate 12 sweets and Ken ate 18 chocolates. The ratio of Jim’s sweets to chocolates became 1:7 and the ratio of Ken’s sweets to chocolates became 1:4. How many sweets did Ken buy?"

Chris and I agree it IS SUPER CONVOLUTED for P6 kiddos. i bet even some of our JC kids will be stumped hahaha... seriously, BOTH chris and i don't know how to solve this WITHOUT using algebra... i'd do it this way:

let the number of sweets ken bought be s and the number of choc jim bought be c.

7 x (no. of jim's sweets left) = no. of jim's choc left => 7(0.5s - 12) = 0.5c ---- (1)
4 x (no. of ken's sweets left) = no. of ken's choc left => 4(0.5s) = 0.5c - 18 ----(2)

Solving (1) and (2) gives s = 68 (don't need to calculate c la...)

So, Ken bought 68 sweets.

sheesh... i can imagine if we have a kid... there'll be such a conversation...

kid: daddy, mummy, how to do this math question...?
us: this? that's easy... let x be.... let y be... form two equations... two equations, two variables, solve!
kid: but teacher says cannot use algebra...
us: er... then we don't know...
kid: your Maths so lousy one ah?
chris: It's not that our Maths is lousy... you should learn algebra.
kid: that time i used teacher marked me wrong...
chris: tell your teacher your mummy wants to talk to her!
me: O.O||| why mummy???


read the report here

Thursday, 22 October 2009

"Bear Tear Sew"

in teochew means 馬蹄酥 (water chestnut pastry), one of my favourite snacks. it has a sticky caramel-like centre, which i presume is made from water chestnuts and loads of sugar, wrapped in an incredibly flaky pastry. with every bite, the layered pastry comes apart. the light and paper-thin pastry flakes melt in contact with the chewy centre to form a sweet paste that makes you happy =D

make sure you eat with a plate if you don't want to have to sweep the floor and don't eat in front of a blowing fan hor you'll have to wash your face or even hair cos you'll look like you have a lot of dandruff! LOL

i simply love it ^^ with a cup of hot tea... aaaahhhhh.... ^^ somehow, the malaysian ones taste better so when my mum-in-law bought some from malacca and asked if i wanted any, i buay paiseh-ly (unashamedly) took back some hehehe...

i am a happy girl =DDD

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


i love sashimi but THIS???? i really don't think i can stomach this =PPPPPPPPPPP

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Grilled Salmon Rice

Here's an easy one-dish meal you can prepare for bento lunch ^^ courtesy of fancl newsletter but i made some slight modifications.

short grain rice (i use meidiya koshihikari rice) - 1 cup
salmon fillets (bones removed) - 1 or 2 depending on whether you want lots of salmon. actually one per cup is enough but when i bought them they came in packs of two so i cooked both =P
edamame beans - handful (pop the beans out from the pod) fresh will be good but if can't find, frozen ones can be used.

sake - 1 tbsp
i use sake quite a lot in cooking such as sautee-ing veggies, making teriyaki sauce etc. so i usually buy one big carton

yakinori (roasted seaweed) - strips
white sesame - about 1 tbsp
spring onion - chopped

rub salt all over salmon, leave in fridge for half an hour and grill for about 3 mins per side. it doesn't have to be thoroughly cooked. i use a non stick pan so i don't put any oil.

put rice in rice cooker, add water to mark, add sake and stir around a bit. you may add some salt if you want but i don't, since the salmon already has salt. place the cooked salmon fillet (with skin and bones removed) on rice then sprinkle in the edamame. let rice cook. when the button "pops", let it "keep warm" for 15 mins more to steam.

open lid, mix it around, breaking the fish into flakes. add sesame and mix around some more. garnish with roasted seaweed strips and chopped spring onion and serve ^^

if i want to cook this in the morning for obento, i will grill the salmon the night before and keep it in the fridge. and wash the edamame, chop the spring onions. then in the morning i just measure the rice, add in sake and all and let it cook while i do my make-up. when done, just add sesame, stir, scoop into lunchbox, garnish with spring onion (i keep the seaweed in a small container and garnish only before eating otherwise it will become soggy)! very convenient, healthy and delicious!

oh if you want to make modifications, do try it out first before that big event... my colleague tried cooking this to propose to girlfriend and he added mushrooms... and the mushrooms released more moisture so it turned out soggy. but thank God his girlfriend still agreed to marry him la LOL

i added chopped beni shoga (the red japanese ginger) and it tastes great! =))

Monday, 19 October 2009

Activities for Girls

That day during singing practice we were talking about extra curricular activities for girls (two of the singers have daughters)...

S: my girl is playing floorball
J (who is a v active girl and plays floorball): oh that's great!
S: is it rough?
J: oh, u do get bruises here and there but it's fine...
me: oh it's v intense. i once took photos of a game and the balls went zhioop here zhioop there. men's floorball is worse! i have to avoid their flying balls or they might hit my lens! your girl is so niang... why does she want to play floorball?
S: oh... hm... let her try lor... see if she likes it.
me: ballet good la... my friend says girls who learn ballet are less likely to be overweight...
L: yep that's true...
me: but hor, i also realised they're a little flat-chested...
L: i think it's because they have to go through some sort of selection process and those who don't have the correct body types drop out...
me: makes sense... otherwise when they're hoisted up they'd be front heavy and fall on their face! LOL
T: how about swimming?
me: NNNOOOOOOO!!!! have you seen professional female swimmers?????? they have V-shaped tops one! Eeeee...... =P running is bad too, i mean sprinters.... thunder thighs... like a block of ham!
J: long distance is ok, nice slender legs....
L: gymnastics is good!
me: must be the right kind! floor exercise types with ribbons, loops, balls are good.... the others, not so good...
L: oh ya, they have nice bodies.... the bars type have really muscular arms >.<

haha.... hm... if i have a daughter, i won't be v keen on her doing any "rough" sports cos she may get scars =P or any of those that will overdevelop one part or underdevelop another part of her body one hahaha... and also not those out in the sun ones without coating her in sunblock... if she complains, i'd show her this video. sure to freak her out...

so mich, make sure you slap kyrs and gwyn with sunblock when they are older k? gugu say must put LOL

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pet Names

that day over lunch, i found out that my colleague has a dog named KIKI LEE QI QI hahahaha.... that's so human. ok ok, claire and west also have v human names...

english names: Claire Wong and West Wong
Chinese names: 王琪 and 王西
japanese names: kureru-chan and nishi-kun


i have another colleague who named her (late) hamster LIM AH KUN LOL... sounds so uncle hor?

but actually when it comes to naming pets, chris n i are not v creative... we used to have a brown bunny who we called BROWNIE (duh...) there was another bunny called HIRO (yes yes, also from the TV series hero, like west and claire). we had 7 hamsters named SAMSON and HERCULES (samson turned out to be a girl that's why we had SEVEN hamsters LOL) cos we wanted them to grow up strong hehehe... the babies were called BROWNIE (OK! we said we r not creative when it comes to names k!), 小黑 LITTLE BLACK, 小白 LITTLE WHITE, RUBY (cos the eyes were red), and the youngest BABY.

the hamsters were buried on a hill near chris parents' place, together with chris' late dog ROCKY (not the whole dog la! so freaky! the ashes in an urn)...

come to think of it, we haven't visited them in a while...

Friday, 16 October 2009

Kurobuta Ham

[i-phone photo]

Wa!!! I found kurobuta ham neh! and it tastes great, not like those cheap cheap picnic ham. kurobuta ham is v tender and you feel real meat, not chewy tendons and artificial picnic ham type. the texture is a little like honey baked ham but more tender. i spread two slices of bread with japo mayo and kiap the ham and a slice of cheddar cheese in between. nice =)

Thursday, 15 October 2009

No H2O >.<|||

WA... this evening, something unusual happened. we just got back from dinner at about 9pm and when we turned on the tap, there was NO WATER!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!! how can??? we were so puzzled so chris went out to check the box outside... then we realised some of our neighbours also have no water... ah yo... this is terrible. singapore neh! how can have no water one??? and i was feeling v uncomfortable and tired and needed to shower badly =(

chris called the town council and they said they'd send someone here to take a look in ONE HOUR'S time. by then, it's 10 plus le... =(((( one of my neighbours said someone already called at 8 plus to complain that the rate of water flow is v v low but they have yet to send the plumber. tsk tsk tsk... sighz.

i called roger cos if he is at home i can shower there but he was at work. called pris she dao me never answer. wanted to call CY then pai seh =P worse case scenario: drive to my in laws' place to shower then drive back...

but fret not! my mother-in-law prayed and i went to test test the tap WWAAAAHHH!!!! got water le!!!! quickly go and shower!!!! then fill kettle with water and a pail of water in the toilet (in case tmr pang sai no water to flush LOL)

sheesh... we're so used to having running water that we take it for granted hor?

Anata wa gee desu ka? (Rated: PG)

since we're going to japan and the owners of the farm house we're staying in speak NO english, we thought we'd better brush up our japanese so we bought a pocket book. i was reading it then one section got me rolling with laughter... the heading is "Getting Physical" and they had funny phrases like "can i kiss you?" and the ones below made me choke with laughter...

Anata wa... (are you...)

... gee desu ka? (gay?)
... hetero desu ka? (heterosexual?)
... bai desu ka? (bisexual?)


where got first time meet people ask this kind of questions one???? LOL

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Morse Code

It suddenly occurred to me that if everyone who takes driving lessons must learn morse code, then we could high beam someone a sequence of long and short bursts to get our point across...

for example:
--. . - / -- --- ...- .. -. --. / -.-- --- ..- / - .-- . . -

-.-- --- ..- / .-- .- -. - / - --- / -.. .. . / .. ... / .. -
will mean "YOU WANT TO DIE IS IT"

.- ... ... .... --- .-.. .
will mean "*SSH*L*"

you can find more morse codes here. if you click play, it actually sounds like those kena censored parts in TV shows tutu... tutututu... tu... tututututu... LOL

some interesting facts about morse code from WikiHow. the distinctive beginning of Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 is short-short-short-long, or dit-dit-dit-dah, which is the letter "V", the roman numeral for "5" (as in Beethoven's 5th Symphony), and is rather appropriate for such a "victorious" tune, don't you think? During WW2, BBC broadcasters used this four-note melody to start off its radio broadcasts because of its association with the word "victory"!

cool... v cool.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Road Courtesy 101

talking about horning people... on ECP this car in front suddenly cut in... i wanted to lightly tap horn then...

me: oh... cannot horn this car...
chris: er why? he is such an idiot...
me: cos it's a beemer... beemer must respect =D
chris: -________-|||

Monday, 12 October 2009

Road Survival 101

wa, on sun evening we were near raffles city, going to go down beach road to take ECP, KPE then SUDDENLY this toyota in front stopped at the traffic light WHEN THE LIGHT WAS GREEN to drop off a passenger. i almost had to jam brake then i lightly tapped the horn por por... chris stretched out his hand and PPPPPOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! so i also PPPPPOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRR on the other horn... hahaha...

chris: if it was me i would have pressed the horn until the car moved....
me: <.< oh? can ah?
chris: oh, i didn't teach you how to high-beam people if not you could have used it...
me: oh, that'd be so cool.... one hand horn PPPPOOOOORRRRRRR! the other hand high beam!!! hahaha... what a tweet!
chris: must be a woman!
me: -.-||| why neh?
chris: cos only women will do inconsiderate and stupid things like that!
me: >.> ah yo, really a woman...
chris: P plate... no wonder.... maybe i should go and mod my horn, make loud loud...
chris: japanese car is pee pee! continental cars are PPPOOORRRR!!! loud!
me: yaya!
chris: make those BIG BIG vehicle horn want anot?
me: yaya =DDDD like those BIG BIG ones we see in australia ha =D they horn you you will jump in the car one =DDDD make leh make leh!!! kekeke...

in the car park, chris taught me how to high-beam people from behind and i practised... hehehe... but actually i hate it when people high-beam me... so i probably won't use it on people unless they're idiots LOL

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Green Rafia...

[i-phone photo]

WA... donno why when people need to "bandage" their car they like to use GREEN rafia string one... that time CC also... someone langah her boyfriend's car then she "bandaged" the number plate and tiak scotch tape... this one my neighbour's car... think his body kit going to drop so he also bandaged with green rafia and tiak masking tape...

Saturday, 10 October 2009


oo aah ah eh ba! oo aah ah eh ba! woot! i'm meeting my nieces tomorrow!!!! =DDDDDDDDD i have been so busy lately no time to visit them but since they'll be at my mum's place, although i am v v tired, i will go and see them =))))) and i prepared something for my mum... kekeke... she will be so thrilled.

[i-phone photo]

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW! my nieces are ichiban kawakutte kirei desu yo! (cutest and prettiest)


haha, got this from CY's blog. if Chemistry was so fun, I wouldn't have dropped Chem at JC =(

Friday, 9 October 2009

Tired >.<


knocked off came home at about 6 then do housework until now =( suck floor, scrub toilet bowl, change lightbulbs, change bedsheets =PPPP so tired...

tomorrow still got 5 (whites, non-whites, white handwash, non-white handwash, bedsheets) loads of laundry to wash =(

Cute Puppy

Aw... my colleague's friend's puppy is soooooooo cute!!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lame Jokes

Q: Why is a complex tree unstable?
A: Because the roots are imaginary.

Q: Why did the two random variables whisper to each other?
A: Because they wanted to be discrete (pun on discreet).


Monday, 5 October 2009

Control Freak

chris thinks i am a control freak... when i plan my itinerary. i will plan until quite detailed like what to eat at where, what train from which platform, everyday do what that kind...

chris: stay one more night at nagoya la...
me: er... do what? there's nothing in nagoya...
chris: don't so rushed la... just spend one more night there... go there see if there's anything to see
me: *types frantically on laptop keyboard... piak piak piak piak* hm... we can go to kiso valley...
chris: o...k.... dear, u r a control freak...
me: oh.... kiso valley is famous for LACQUERWARE!!!! muahahahaha! *scrutinise map and access info*
chris: -_______-|||
me: ok, our JR pass still valid, so also can go back kyoto for more shopping =D
chris: -___________-|||
me: or go to noritake! nagoya is the home of noritake!!! woot!
chris: er... -_________-||| *regret wanting to stay one more night*
me: noritake.... go here take train from there then... hm... muahahahaha!!!!

there's a noritake garden "noritake-no-mori"... hehehehe... inside got restaurants all that hehehe... wa! can eat with beautiful plates and drink tea!!!! and it's just a 2-min train ride from nagoya station! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009


haha! we've booked our hotels, ryokans (traditional inn), minshuku (home-run inns) and gassho zukuri farmhouse in japan! for ryokans, this time we have chosen ryotei koyo in biwako (kyoto) and oishiya in ise =)

ryotei koyo has a nice outdoor hotspring bath with a view of biwako (Lake Biwa) but it's for men only =((( the ladies' outdoor hotspring bath is not that nice... hope they switch over =D usually ryokans will switch over so that guests get to try different views =) oishiya is very near meoto iwa (wedding rocks), a very famous natural landscape in japan and MIKOMOTO pearl island!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's cheaper there neh. that time i bought the pearl earrings in tokyo, singapore think $600+ but i paid $400+ =D this time i will get a matching necklace =DDD

and ise's gourmet includes ABALONE (the live one neh...)!!! =DDDDD *saliva drip down* and lobsters! =PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

so exciting so exciting!!!! my heart is beating so fast!!!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn! ^^

[i-phone image]

in our family, it's a tradition to eat 月餅 mooncakes on Mid-Autumn festival 中秋節, 燙圓 glutinous rice balls on 冬至 winter solstice and 元宵 15th day of lunar new year and 種子 rice dumplings on 端午節 dragon boat festival. for baked mooncakes, i love those with white lotus paste and EGGYOLKS!!!! double yolk is ideal. single is too little, quad is too much ^^ for 冰皮 snowskin mooncakes, i love the champagne truffle ones from raffles hotel.

i also love the ones pictured above from minamoto kitchoan in takashimaya. v v cute bunnies-shaped exterior enveloping a very light bean paste with a tinge of yuzu (japanese citrus fruit). these are not traditional mooncakes per se but sell like hot cakes during this season because of the cute shape. not cheap k. a box of 10 for $24 (that's $2.40 per piece!) one piece is the size of a 50c coin hor! chris just plop! put one into his mouth and munch munch munch... LOL

served with a cup of sencha... and butterfly lovers' concerto in the background... wa... nice. i'm in a very good mood. nice tea puts me in a v good mood =) (but just now chris wanted to play his DOTA -.- so we had it in the study and the background music was "ultra-kill!", "our ally town needs help!", kpish kpish! piang piang piang! "let darkness guide me!", "intriguing!", "the dead shall serve!", "the restless dead awaits!" -.-||| very salah background sound hor...?)

while enjoying the bunny wagashi (japanese confectionery) and green tea...

chris: eh dear, eat mooncakes and drink tea must 吟詩 recite poetry...
me: >.> ha?... er... ok...
chris: 一二三四五六七!(1234567!)
me: erm... 七六五四三二一?? (7654321?)
chris: -________-|||

my mother-in-law sent me an SMS:
中秋之際,我送你一個月餅,裡面有幸福,關心,还有愛心 ^______^ 中秋節快樂!
(On Mid-Autumn festival, i give you a mooncake. in the mooncake is happiness, my concern and my love ^____^ Happy Mid-Autumn! )

中秋節快樂!Happy Mid-Autumn!

A-Z of My Favourite Jap Food =D

my kor inspired this post =D some of the japanese food i love =D

Amaebi - sweet prawn
Bonito - fish flakes. when i eat takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki, i like a lot of bonito flakes. the flakes will "dance" when you blow on it one ^^
Chutoro - medium fatty tuna (i actually prefer this to otoro "fatty tuna" cos i find otoro too oily)
Dobinmushi - teapot soup
Ebiko - shrimp roe
FUGU!!! - puffer fish =D
Gindara - silver cod and Ginnan - ginko nuts. i love grilled ginko nuts. i always order when i go to a yakitori restaurant.
Hotate - scallop
Ikura - salmon roe. love the way it "pops" in the mouth =) and Ichigo - strawberries
J - haha, can't think of any.
KANI!!! - crab, in particular tarabagani, King Crab =) and KUROBUTA!!!!!! berkshire pork.
Momo - peach ^^ so sweet and juicy!!! AAHH.... the juice will drip down the hands one!! momo also means chicken thigh which we will order when eating yakitori MELON!!! it's those super expensive ones you see in japanese supermarkets. very very sweet =DDDD
Nasu - eggplant. i had a really really nice baked eggplant in Nara. i scraped the thing clean only left the skin (which formed kind of a receptacle)
Okonomiyaki - pancake with cabbage, egg and meats like bacon or seafood. i can't seem to find nice ones in singapore but it's osaka's signature dish =) and Omu Rice - fried rice wrapped in omelet. eh... not easy to do neh. you try la! and Oshiruko - red bean soup with rice cake. i like thos dessert v v much =D
Ponzu - a soy-based dip flavoured with citrus juices. great for dipping anything =D
RAMEN!!! - noodles soup. i especially like kyushu ramen cos it has mentaiko (spicy cod roe). i don't particularly dig mentaiko but somehow it adds a nice flavour to the broth =)
SOBA!!! - buckwheat noodles especially if it's handmade. and Sabashio - salted mackerel (usually grilled).
TARABAGANI - king crab. i don't like sri lankan crab cos i find that it has a smell... and Tempura - batter-fried stuff usually prawn but i prefer crab hehe.
UNI!! - sea urchin and Unagi - eel and Ume - plum. preserved plums with shiso is very nice with plain porridge =D
WAGYU!!!! - premium beef with marbled fat. and Wagashi - japanese confectionery. very pretty and perfect with macha (powdered green tea). the sweetness of the confectionery and the bitterness of the tea is 天下無雙(no equivalent perfect couple on earth). and Wasabi - horseradish. i mean the fresh kind that you have to grate, not the kind you squeeze out from a tube. sheesh, this reminds me i have yet to use my shark skin wasabi grater -.-
Yuzu - Japanese citrus fruit, kinda like a cross between pomelo and orange. v v fragrant. it has the tanginess of a citrus fruit minus the >.< feeling when you taste the juice. yuzu juice is used widely in japanese cooking. i find it great for salad dressing =) it's also what makes ponzu so nice. in singapore, you can't get fresh yuzu, only got bottled yuzu juice.
Zuwai gani - Snow/Queen Crab.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The A-Z of Japan

So we have decided to go to Japan and the question "which part?" arises. of cos, kyoto is always one of my stopovers. i love kyoto. it's really beautiful ^^ some of my favourite photos were taken in kyoto my favourite hangout is asahido on kiyomizuzaka where they sell the famous kyoto kiyomizu pottery. damn expensive. one teacup can cost a few hundred SGD but see don't buy also feel damn shiok LOL and there got our favourite king crab restaurant ^^

Sometimes we play the A-Z of Japan game... to name the parts of japan we have been hahaha... you can click on the link to view a photo i have taken that represents the place. it could be food haha! some of the other places were visited before i picked up photography so donno where the photos went le =P i have the hard copies though... some others i didn't take photo like lake toya... ah yo when we went the whole place was foggy we couldn't even see the lake! hahaha...

Asahikawa (this place boring la, we used it as a base for Furano and Biei), Arashiyama*, Arima (onsen), Akame (48 waterfalls)
Beppu, Biei (when we went, the sunflowers not yet bloom =()
C - do Chubu (Nagoya international airport) and Chitose (hokkaido international airport) count? hahaha
D - do dotonburi and doguyasuji in Osaka count kekeke
E - nope
Furano, Fukuoka (Hakata is in here la), Fushimi-inari
G - Gion (Kyoto) and Ginza (Tokyo)??? =P
Hakone (this is where you go to visit Mt Fuji lor), Himeji (most beautiful castle in japan)*, Hiroshima, Hakata, Huis Ten Bosch
Ibusuki, Iwakuni*
J - neh
Kyoto*, Kobe, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Kujukushima, Kinugawa (onsen)
**L - Japanese got no L but it could be Lake _____ so Lake Toya can be here
Noboribetsu (onsen), Nagasaki (Huis Ten Bosch is in here lor), Nara, Nikko
Osaka, Otaru
P - neh
Q - Japanese got no Q la
R - neh
Sapporo, Sasebo (access kujukushima from here. kujukushima means "99 islands"), Sannomiya
Tokyo* go tokyo that time too busy shopping no time to take many photos hahaha
U - umeda (osaka) can anot?
**V - Japanese got no V
W - neh
Y - Yunohana (onsen)
Z - neh

hehehe... end of the year can add to this list le =DDD can add to T, S, I, U, B and K =D

*my favourites. definitely worth a visit =)
**to say "i love you" with a japanese accent, you gotta say "i RUB you" LOL